Uno Platform for Figma plugin RTM!

🕓 6 MIN Two years ago, we introduced the first preview of our Uno Platform for Figma plugin. After 8 subsequent previews, nearly 10,000 plugin downloads, and months of hard work, we are super proud to announce its official launch in the Figma marketplace. Our plugin is now generally available for free with a Pro version at just […]

The State of WebAssembly – 2023 and 2024

🕓 12 MIN Welcome to 2024 and our latest article looking at the current state of WebAssembly (Wasm)! In this article, I’ll kick things off by looking at what happened in 2023. Then, I’ll give you my thoughts on what might happen this year. Before I start, I’ll mention that when discussing browser support for WebAssembly features in […]

Help Shape Uno Platform’s 2024 Roadmap

🕓 2 MIN   Each year, we embark on an essential journey – conducting a survey that serves as the compass for Uno Platform’s direction in the upcoming year. This isn’t just any survey; it’s a cornerstone that helps us identify the ‘big rocks’ – the major priorities that will shape the future of Uno Platform. The journey […]

Top 10 things we shipped in 2023

🕓 6 MIN As we step into 2024 with the enthusiasm of someone who just found last year’s forgotten holiday presents, we wanted to take a moment to rewind the clock and appreciate the incredible journey Uno Platform had in 2023. From template wizardry to handoff magic, and our biggest launch yet with Uno 5.0, it’s been a […]

Uno Figma Plugin’s Gift of Custom Fonts and Refreshed UI

🕓 3 MIN In the spirit of the holidays, we are happy to gift a minor update to our Uno Figma plugin. To continue giving you greater flexibility and control of your app’s design, the plugin now supports custom font management so that you can align your designs with your brand’s distinctive typography. We’ve also refreshed our plugin’s […]

Announcing C# Dev Kit and Linux Android Debugging Support for Uno Platform VS Code Extension

🕓 3 MIN We’re updating the Uno Platform VS Code extension to support the C# Dev Kit, replacing the older C# extension OmniSharp. This change aims to improve your development experience by allowing you to leverage the powerful tools and utilities offered with the C# Dev Kit to write and debug more efficiently. Let’s dive into what this means for your […]

.NET Development with Uno Platform 5.0: Webinar Alert & Prize Giveaway

🕓 3 MIN 📅 Save the Date! Join us Tuesday, December 12th, 2023, 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST for our live webinar on all things Uno Platform 5.0— featuring our core team of developers, clients and community contributors. We’ll dive deep into newly-released features and show you how we’re reshaping what it means to be productive in .NET […]

The Rise of C# Markup for Cross Platform Development

🕓 5 MIN Dating back to the early days of WPF, developers have been asking for a way to build native applications in C#, and only C#. Recently, our team announced C# Markup, which combines the full power of C# with a declarative, fluent-style API for defining the application user interface. This means any .NET cross-platform application powered […]

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