No More “Pair to Mac” trauma from Visual Studio with Uno Platform

Uno Platform

🕓 4 MIN With the rollout of the 4.10 update, Uno Platform has reintroduced the popular feature, Hot Restart. Originally, this feature was a part of Xamarin-based Uno Platform applications. This enhancement allows users to debug an iOS application on an actual device connected to Windows without needing a Mac. In this blog, we’ll guide you through setting […]

Replicating Habit Tracker UI with ProgressRing in Uno Platform

Replicating UI with ProgressRing Control

🕓 5 MIN This article will review the essential steps of replicating a user interface using Uno Platform XAML elements. We’ve also incorporated some refinements to the original design, emphasizing the functionalities of essential elements like ProgressRing, Borders, TextBlock, and more. This article will cover 1. Breaking down the UI into blocks will help you work more methodically and give […]

Using Maui Community Toolkit in Uno Platform via .NET MAUI Embedding

.NET MAUI Embedding - MAUI Community Toolkit

🕓 3 MIN The MAUI Community Toolkit is a valuable resource for developers building with .NET MAUI, offering a collection of Animations, Behaviors, Converters, and Custom Views. Now, thanks to the power of .NET MAUI Embedding, these controls are available to use within an Uno Platform iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows application. Let’s dive deeper into how […]

Uno Platform 4.10 — .NET MAUI Embedding, 150+ UI Controls, and more

Uno Platform 4.10

🕓 7 MIN The 4th release of 2023 brings over 350+ updates to Uno Platform, including the much-requested .NET MAUI Embedding, Lightweight Styling, Shadows, Hot Restart, WebAssembly CSP, and more.  Our team aims to make you as productive as possible in developing with .NET. The community asked for .NET MAUI Controls to be supported in Uno Platform apps in […]

Announcing GitHub Sponsorship Matching for Uno Platform Contributors and Employees

🕓 3 MIN For many open-source maintainers, their project is a labor of love. At the same time, we hear increased “cries for help” from maintainers in the .NET ecosystem who believe their work is being abused.   This is a complex problem that has existed for a long time. Likely there isn’t a silver bullet to solve it. […]

Background Work in Uno Platform Applications

🕓 4 MIN Background work is a common requirement for many applications, especially those that need to perform some long-running or intensive operations without blocking the user interface. For example, you might want to download data from a remote server, process images, or sync some files in the background. Background work can also help improve the responsiveness and […]

How to Handle Long Press Gesture in Uno Platform Apps

🕓 3 MIN Long-pressing is a powerful gesture that enables users to access secondary options, shortcuts, or context menus by simply pressing and holding on an element. Here’s a quick and helpful way to add long press events in your Uno Platform applications offering a simple yet effective way to enhance user interactions. From creating contextual menus and […]

MVUX or MVVM? Choosing the Right Pattern for Your .NET Projects

🕓 5 MIN If you’re a developer familiar with the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture, you know it’s a popular choice for building applications. However, it comes with its challenges, especially when it comes to boilerplate code and threading issues. Nick Randolph recently wrote a series of articles delving into MVVM and introducing an alternative called Model-View-Update-eXtended (MVUX). This blog […]

Implementing a Skeleton Loader in Uno Platform

🕓 4 MIN In this blog post, I will show you how to create a simple skeleton loader for your Uno Platform applications. The Skeleton loader is a method of loading content in mobile apps that utilizes a visual placeholder user interface resembling the shape of the loaded content. This approach significantly contributes to enhancing the user experience […]