Announcing: uno-check – a health check for your Uno Platform dev environment

Uno Check

🕓 2 MIN We try to make getting into Uno Platform as easy as possible, but it can be challenging to get set up for multi-platform development. Nobody wants to be fighting with their environment when they could be coding instead. For that reason, we’ve just released the uno-check dotnet command-line tool. When you run uno-check on your […]

GUI Innovations Controls Helper for Uno Platform

🕓 < 1 MIN One of Uno Platform fans and Microsoft MVPs, Pete Vickers, has created a way of generating the XAML to create controls in your code. This add-in will allow you to create Uno Platform Controls in your XAML file. Simply right-click in your XAML file and choose your control. Once generated, you can further tune them […]

Hosting Uno Platform WebAssembly apps on Azure Static Web Apps

🕓 9 MIN This article covers : Creating a GitHub repository and cloning it using Visual Studio. How to create an Azure Static Web App and configure it to pull from your GitHub repository. Creating an Uno Platform WebAssembly application and committing it to your repository. Note: A shorter Version of this article for those with more experience […]

Kahua uses Uno Platform, WinUI and Azure to deliver a multi-platform app four times faster than anticipated

🕓 3 MIN Kahua provides project management and collaboration software focused on real estate, engineering, construction, and operations industries. Kahua’s solution helps manage project and program costs, documents, and processes from inception through implementation to improve efficiency and reduce risk. Recently Kahua has been selected by US General Services Administration (GSA) Public Building Service for its new management […]

Uno Platform 3.7 – More WinUI, Project Reunion and Linux Support, Wasm Performance Boost

🕓 3 MIN Uno Platform 3.7 expands our support for the newest WinUI, Project Reunion and Linux, all while continuing performance improvements for WebAssembly head. Extending WinUI Support We are continuing the #WinUIEverywhere path by adding support for XAML behaviors for the newly-released WinUI 3. XAML Behaviors is an easy-to-use means of adding common and reusable interactivity to […]

Launch 2021– community contest for best WinUI, UWP and Uno Platform applications

🕓 < 1 MIN The Launch Competition brings together Windows developer community in friendly competition and serves as a platform for launching and updating their Windows applications. This annual event is hosted by the community behind UWP Community Discord. We are proud to sponsor the prizes for this year’s competition and help Launch evolve further. This year’s event promises […]

Deploying C# Web Applications with Docker

🕓 12 MIN This article covers Creating and running a Docker image Adding an image to a container registry Pulling an image from a container registry Accessing the properties of a container Imagine a scenario where you’ve created a web application, be it built with ASP.NET Core or the Uno Platform for WebAssembly, for example, and it’s now […]

[Press Release] Uno Platform 3.6

🕓 2 MIN Uno Platform 3.6 WinUI 3 and Project Reunion Day 0 support. New controls and theme added. We are pleased to announce the general availability of Uno Platform 3.6. The new release enables software developers to reuse the same code from their WinUI 3 built applications for Windows and take them cross-platform to Web, Linux, macOS, […]

Uno Platform 3.6: WinUI 3, WCT 7.0 support, Date and File pickers, and more

🕓 4 MIN The wait is over! The new, modern native UI platform of Windows – WinUI 3 – has been officially released to the public, alongside Project Reunion 0.5. To empower you to have #WinUIEverywhere on the day it launches we are also releasing Uno Platform 3.6. Our appreciation goes to Microsoft WindowsUI team for keeping us […]

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