INotifyPropertyChanged with C# 9.0 Source Generators

🕓 2 MIN Credit: This article originally appeared at, written by Jerome Laban. In a design meeting far, far away, source generators were designed to be part of C# 6.0, but sadly never came to be. At the time, wanting that source generation feature pretty badly, I went on implementing the specification which later became Uno.SourceGeneration, and […]

How we got 14% performance boost to Uno Platform 2.2 over 2.1 release

🕓 6 MIN   The performance improvements made in Uno Platform 2.2 when compared with 2.1 are spread across multiple categories: Memory pressure, with 40% of arrays reuse try/finally optimizations for WebAssembly, with 10x improvements GC Handles pressure, with 2.8x over reusing handles JavaScript tweaking, ranging with 20% and 10x faster operations Finalizers cost, with 4x improvement in […]

UWP, WinUI and Uno Platform get Prism support thanks to Uno team OSS Contribution

🕓 3 MIN We are pleased to announce that Uno Platform team has provided the initial support for the Prism library.   Background The Prism Library was initially created by Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices team in 2008 and had grown into a mature set of guidance that allows developers to use proven patterns and development practices to create […]

C# interop with C/C++ and Rust in WebAssembly

🕓 4 MIN Having the ability to call code written in other languages is increasingly important, as there are many very useful libraries that are getting ported over to WebAssembly. In .NET, the common defined way for doing interop is P/Invoke and DllImport, and .NET for WebAssembly has support for it in the form of static linking of […]

Uno Platform and Windows Community Toolkit DataGrid, TabView and Expander with Sample Code

🕓 3 MIN The Windows Community Toolkit, WCT for short, is an essential resource for WinUI developers. It’s a Microsoft-supported library of controls like DataGrid, TabView and Expander that provide advanced functionality on top of what’s available in the base framework. As you might have seen in the Uno Platform 2.2 announcement yesterday, Uno Platform now includes a […]

Custom Splash Screens in Uno Platform Apps

🕓 5 MIN Credit: This article originally appeared at, written by Uno community champion Martin Zikmund. A custom splash screen is an integral part of great user experience. Uno Platform makes customizing it as well as unifying it super easy as we shall see in this article. UWP Let’s start simple. UWP supports splash screens out of […]

Free Developer-friendly high-res backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

🕓 8 MIN Last week Microsoft released custom background feature for Microsoft Teams. This was a feature long reserved for Microsoft employees only, likely for testing usage. The Great news is – custom background feature is now available to everyone, and our design team at Uno Platform took some time to create developer-friendly, high resolution custom backgrounds with […]

Announcing Uno Platform Support for Visual Studio Code

🕓 4 MIN We are happy to announce the preview of Uno Platform support for Visual Studio Code, following the progress made by the .NET team on the Visual Studio Code WebAssembly debugger integration. This blog will walk you through the set-up process for building and debugging WebAssembly apps with Uno Platform wherever Visual Studio Code runs – […]

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