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Webcast: What’s new with Uno Platform, .NET 5 and WinUI 3 Preview 3

🕓 < 1 MIN TLDR: On December 17th we will hold our first office-hours-style webinar to tell you all about our support for .NET 5 and WinUI 3 Preview 3. Register now. Adding support for .NET 5 in Uno Platform creates multiple opportunities to improve performance and reduce solution complexity. With .NET 5, we can better target traditional Microsoft […]

Uno Platform 3.3 – Day 0 support for WinUI 3 Preview 3, Android 11

🕓 3 MIN WinUI 3.0 Preview 3 is a big step towards shipping the final version of WinUI. We at Uno Platform team are happy to report that Uno Platform already works with the latest WinUI preview. Our sincerest thanks to WinUI team who keeps us posted on their progress and allows us to make modifications to Uno […]

Markup vs Code for UI – Angled Brackets, yay or nay?

🕓 7 MIN We frequently get asked about our opinion, and direction Uno Platform will take, about declarative code vs markup. In good product (and OSS project) management the question we need to ask ourselves is not *could* we build something, but also *should* we build something. One of our core team members and architects on Uno Team […]

Uno Platform 3.2: .NET 5, C# 9 support and .NET 5 WebAssembly AOT Support

🕓 4 MIN The 3.2 release is loaded with features and performance improvements. Most of the release focused on upcoming .NET 5 and all benefits Uno Platform gets from building on top of it. However, we are also releasing improvements to the controls and tooling we introduced in previous releases. Adding preview support for .NET 5 and .NET […]

Consuming a Web Service from Uno Platform – Cats API Client

🕓 < 1 MIN This how-to will walk you through the process of creating a multi-platform application that leverages web services. This blog post is courtesy of Daren May, software architect, Microsoft MVP and developer trainer who contributed this article to Uno documentation. The resulting Uno WebAssembly application  looks like the below animated gif. The same application also runs […]

WebAssembly tools, frameworks, and libraries for .NET Developers

🕓 4 MIN WebAssembly provides a way to run code written in multiple languages on the web at near-native speed, with client apps running on the web that previously couldn’t have done so. This is why it’s gaining quick adoption and more awareness in the web community. Using the WebAssembly JavaScript APIs, you can load WebAssembly modules into […]

DotNetConf 2020, .NET 5, Uno Platform and Prizes to be Won

🕓 3 MIN Uno Platform is sponsoring DotNetConf 2020 – the place where .NET 5 will debut! You should register for DotNetConf – it is coming up from November 10-12. Not only will you learn about .NET 5 but there will be plenty of prize giveaways by Uno Platform and other sponsors. For the Treasure Hunt we will […]

Uno Platform 5.2 LIVE Webinar – Today at 3 PM EST – Watch