Hacktoberfest 2020 – Contribute to Uno to win online courses and t-shirts

🕓 3 MIN We’re excited to announce that the Uno Platform is participating #Hacktoberfest 2020! Anyone who contributes a meaningful pull request to the Uno Platform on GitHub between October 1 and October 31, 2020 will receive: Udemy Course – Introduction to Uno Platform Enter the draw to receive one of 30 Uno Platform t-shirts How to participate […]

Uno Platform 3.0 – Styling Uno Applications with Fluent and Material styles

🕓 6 MIN Design systems provide a ready-to-use, unified set of controls and styles to use in your application. They make it easy to give a unified and coherent look and feel to your UI. Our research indicates that the majority of developers would like to produce the same, pixel-perfect UI on all target platforms, which made it […]

Using MSBuild Items and Properties in C# 9 Source Generators

🕓 3 MIN C# 9.0 Source Generation is progressing quite nicely lately (Thanks, Jared!), with the addition of the ability to interact with the MSBuild environment such as getting Properties and Items to control how the generation happens. In this post, I’ll explain how to parse .resw files of a project to generate an enum that contains all the resources. The full […]

Beautiful WebAssembly Charts courtesy of Syncfusion and Uno Platform

🕓 2 MIN A few weeks back Syncfusion announced their UWP Charts now support Uno Platform and run on WebAssembly. We’ve worked together with Syncfusion team to make this a reality. As this happened just during the UnoConf timeframe, these important news might have gotten lost in the buzz of announcements we made – support for Linux, experimenting […]

Using WebAssembly Modules in C#

🕓 17 MIN This article covers Implementing custom module validation in an ASP.NET Core MVC web application Using Emscripten to create a WebAssembly module that can be used outside the browser Using WebAssembly modules in your C# code Imagine you’re working for a company who’s about to build a web application for expense reimbursements. Before they do, they […]

ANNOUNNCING: Uno Platform 3.0 – Linux Support, Fluent, Material and more.

🕓 4 MIN Today, at our annual UnoConf conference we announced several new major advancements and have laid out the vision for Uno Platform in H2 2020 and beyond. Our vision is to enable you to develop pixel-perfect, multi-platform applications using C# and WinUI. The 3.0 release brings us ever so closer to that vision.   Uno Platform […]

Top 5 WebAssembly Use Cases for .NET Developers

🕓 5 MIN If you are an enterprise software developer, WebAssembly probably crosses your news feeds frequently. Usually the use cases are related to games – someone has ported Doom3 or the Flight Simulator, or some performance improvement over a JavaScript library, which may create the illusion WebAssembly is ‘not meant for you’. The reality couldn’t be more […]

Working with SQLite and WebAssembly for .NET Developers

🕓 3 MIN With recent updates of the mono runtime, and the reactivity of the .NET team to fix issues, it’s now possible to use SQLite with the Uno WebAssembly Bootstrapper and Uno Platform apps.This support is now enabled through WebAssembly static linking, and the reuse of LLVM bitcode compiled source, such as SkiaSharp or SQLite. It allows […]

How to embed JavaScript components in C# built Uno WebAssembly Web Applications

🕓 2 MIN We often get asked if it is possible to integrate Uno-WASM Web Applications with existing JavaScript components. Since WebAssembly code is running inside browser’s JavaScript context, the answer is “Yes” and it is actually quite simple to do it. In this article we will explore how you can create interoperability (interop) between Uno-WASM managed code […]

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