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Uno Platform Twitch Tuesdays

🕓 < 1 MIN Late last year we started our “Twitch Tuesday” initiative. Every Tuesday around 3PM EST our CTO Jerome Laban or one of the engineers on Uno team will live stream real Uno Platform development – fixing open issues or developing new features. We also take questions from the audience while we code, a great benefit for […]

How To Build A Single-Page Web App in XAML and C# with WebAssembly Using Uno Platform

🕓 7 MIN Single-page web applications (SPA) provide faster transitions and interactivity that make a web application feel like a native app. It has become a popular style of developing web applications with JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular. In a SPA, all the resources needed for the web app to be functional are loaded the first […]

Top 10 Uno Platform developments to look forward to in 2021

🕓 3 MIN December is usually dominated by top-10 lists for the year that is about to pass. While Uno-wise we had a great 2020, we’d rather look forward to 2021 and define what will make it great. This list is a compilation of our team wishes, as well as early looks at the data we are gathering […]

Uno Platform 3.4 – Maturing the supported control set

🕓 5 MIN In early parts of 2020 we had released support for many new platforms – macOS, Linux, Skia and flirted with Tizen. In the second half of the year, as WinUI matured more, we focused on providing day-0 support for WinUI releases. Starting from today’s 3.4 release and in the period ahead when WinUI is expected […]

Uno Platform 2021 Roadmap Survey

🕓 < 1 MIN TLDR: Take Uno Platform 5-minute Survey now to help us decide 2021 priorities . Every year we run a survey to help us decide Uno Platform big priorities in the year to come. We are talking big rocks, not feature requests which we decide together with you in our GitHub repo. In our December 2019 […]

Infragistics announces Uno Platform specific UI Controls

🕓 2 MIN We are happy to announce that Infragistics, a UI control ‘household’ name with 30+ years of experience in providing productivity UI controls for .NET developers is releasing their initial offering for Uno Platforms consisting of Grids, Charts and Gauges. In addition to Uno Platform-specific controls, Infragistics also announced support for WinUI! Infragistics is not just […]

Porting the Contoso UWP showcase application to Uno Platform

🕓 8 MIN Connor Park, a Microsoft MVP and blogger from Korea recently ported the Contoso showcase application from being desktop-only, UWP application to a cross-platform application using UWP and Uno Platform. The source code is available in GitHub for you to try and learn from it. Equally importantly, Connor took the time to capture lessons learned during […]

Blazor WebAssembly (client-side) with AOT and SkiaSharp

🕓 3 MIN As we’re working to stabilize our .NET 5 support for Uno Platform, and particularly Full AOT and Profile Guided AOT, it seemed natural to experiment and validate if the work we’ve been doing could also benefit Blazor. There is always something we learn when we experiment and help push the WebAssembly toolchain forward, so top-notch […]

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