Last week we were guests at the inaugural Visual Studio Toolbox show in the changed, longer & live format. With the extra time we had we were able to show Uno in many different scenarios and answer attendee questions along the way. Thank you Leslie and Robert for inviting us.

Demos you can see at our interview:

1. Creating a simple Uno Platform application
2. Integrating sample Slider control from WinUI and running it cross platform on WebAssembly, Android and Linux
3. Using XAML Hot Reload with Uno Platform
4. Using WinUI TreeView control and running it on Linux and Web
5. Windows-Terminal-Like Windows UI TabView on Linux and Web
6. Windows Calculator running on Web via Uno Platform
7. Windows Community Toolkit RangeSelector control running on Linux
8. Windows Community Toolkit Grid control running on Linux and Web Assembly , including grouping, resizing, etc.
9. Using Fluent and Material design systems included with Uno Platform
10. Using SQLite and Uno Platform
11. Using Syncfusion Charts
12. Using Infragistics Charts and Graphs

To expand on one of the topics – using Uno Platform and Infragistics controls, on March 4th we are holding a joint webinar with Brian Lagunas of Infragistics. We hope to see you there – register here.

Enjoy the interview below!


Uno Platform 5.2 LIVE Webinar – Today at 3 PM EST – Watch