Announcing Uno Platform Support for MSAL.NET for WebAssembly Applications

🕓 2 MIN We are happy to announce the support for MSAL.NET (Microsoft Authentication Library) on WebAssembly. This addition allows developers to cross-target use Azure AD, Azure AD B2C and ADFS authentication when building mobile, web and desktop applications. You will now able to access the Microsoft Graph API from your WebAssembly application. This new integration allows accessing […]

Uno Platform Announces Version 2.0 of Cross-Platform Development Platform

🕓 3 MIN New Integration with Xamarin Forms enables software developers to extend their existing Xamarin Forms apps to the Web via WebAssembly and Mono. Montreal, Canada – September 19, 2019 – Uno Platform , an open source platform for building cross-platform Web, Mobile and Desktop applications today announced integration with Xamarin Forms which enables software developers to […]

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