Uno Platform Announces Version 2.0 of Cross-Platform Development Platform

New Integration with Xamarin Forms enables software developers to extend their existing Xamarin Forms apps to the Web via WebAssembly and Mono.

Montreal, Canada – September 19, 2019Uno Platform , an open source platform for building cross-platform Web, Mobile and Desktop applications today announced integration with Xamarin Forms which enables software developers to extend their existing Xamarin Forms-based apps to the Web via WebAssembly. Developers have free access to this latest integration via the Open Source GitHub repository for Uno Platform. The integration was announced in a keynote presentation at the Uno Platform premier developer conference in Montreal, UnoConf. UnoConf featured speakers from Microsoft MVP Community such as Billy Hollis and Rocky Lhotka, as well as Microsoft’s Miguel de Icaza and Michael Hawker.

One of the largest challenges mobile developers face is the inability to take business logic developed for their mobile-first applications to the Web. Xamarin Forms had enabled thousands of C# developers to quickly develop single-codebase enterprise apps for iOS and Android, a common request at enterprises as single-codebase cross-platform apps have proven to bring savings in development and maintenance cost.  Now, with the new integration of Xamarin Forms and Uno Platform, those apps can be expanded to modern browsers by executing a single line in Visual Studio Command Prompt.  With the Uno Platform support for Xamarin Forms, enterprises using Xamarin Forms-powered apps gain seamless bridge for their apps to the Web without wasting investments already made in Xamarin Forms.

The Microsoft developer ecosystem has changed a lot over the past few years, from endorsing open source technology, to taking advantage of advances in WebAssembly “, said Francois Tanguay, CEO of nventive and Uno Platform. “With today’s announcements we are keeping pace with our audience’s needs and we are making sure the future Microsoft WinUI stack, can be run everywhere – the browser via WebAssembly, natively on iOS and Android, and of course Windows, making room for our new northern light, #WinUIEverywhere!

Other Uno Platform 2.0 announcements made at UnoConf include productivity enhancements such as:

  • “Hot Reload” which enables Uno Platform developers to make changes to app XAML UI and see them reflected live, without requiring another build and deploy in Visual Studio.
  • UI testing for Uno Platform-built apps on both Web and Mobile. Developers will be able to use Selenium for WebAssembly app testing and Xamarin.UITest and AppCenter for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android apps.
  • UnoConf 2020 dates – September 22-24 ,2020

Partner announcements at UnoConf

  • Syncfusion announced support for Uno Platform with three initial LOB widgets – DataGrid, Chart and Scheduler.
  • Microsoft announced Windows Community Toolkit preview of XAML controls for Microsoft Graph which work with UWP apps and in WPF/WinForms for Win32 apps via XAML Islands on .NET Core 3, and on Android and iOS with Uno.

About Uno Platform

Uno Platform is the only open source platform for building Mobile, Windows and Web (via Web Assembly) apps by using only C# and XAML. Tested on 400+ real projects, developers can build performant, single codebase, LOB apps today and take advantage of WebAssembly when ready. Visual Studio support and vibrant community allow skill and tooling reuse and project longevity. See more at

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