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Boosting Developer Experience: Algolia Search Powers Uno Platform Docs

Based on your feedback, we’ve been ramping up our efforts to boost our documentation site. We’ve been busy adding fresh content and creating helpful tutorials, and we’re excited to announce our newest addition: Algolia Search is now seamlessly integrated into our docs. Finding what you need has never been easier!

In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of using Algolia search and highlight some recent Tutorials and Sample additions. 

Improved Search Experience

We recognize that efficient search functionality is crucial for .NET developers to find the information they need quickly. By integrating Algolia search, Uno Platform’s documentation site now provides lightning-fast search results.  

Algolia’s advanced search capabilities, including typo tolerance, synonyms, and faceted search, allow you to quickly locate relevant documentation, even if their search queries contain spelling mistakes or ambiguous terms. With Algolia, Uno Platform has empowered our community with a powerful and intuitive search experience, ultimately saving time and boosting productivity.

New Tutorials

With the upcoming Xamarin Forms end-of-life, we received a number of migration questions about migrating from Xamarin Forms to Uno Platform. The common thread is that the developer will remain on .NET and reuse the same skills and tools for cross-platform development. We’ve added the following tutorials to our blogs & documentation, and we have a healthy backlog to write regarding Xamarin Forms to Uno Platform migration.  

Xamarin Forms to Uno Platform Migration

Relevant and Accurate Results

As we’ve been adding a ton of documentation like the Xamarin Forms ones or Uno Extension ones, it becomes critical to be able to surface those results when needed. One of the primary advantages of Algolia is its ability to deliver highly relevant and accurate search results. Uno Platform’s documentation site is home to an extensive collection of resources, including guides, tutorials, API references, and community-contributed content. With Algolia’s robust search algorithms, users can now precisely discover the most pertinent documentation. Algolia’s intelligent ranking and relevance algorithms analyze factors like popularity, user behaviour, and engagement metrics to ensure that the most useful and up-to-date information appears at the top of the search results 

Enhanced User Feedback and Iterative Improvements:

Uno Platform has always been committed to providing top-notch developer experience. By integrating Algolia’s search and actively listening to your feedback and contributions to Uno Platform, our docs have grown significantly in its documentation repository.  

That’s it:

Your feedback serves as a valuable resource for identifying knowledge gaps, clarifying confusing areas, and improving the overall documentation quality. Please consider contributing to Uno Platform documentation! We may even have the infamous Uno Platform t-shirt to send you as a thank you token!  

 The integration of Algolia search into Uno Platform’s documentation site enhances the productivity and of Uno Platform’s developer base. Moreover, At Uno Platform we will continue to build our docs and community as a developer-friendly space that prioritizes accessibility, discoverability, and developer satisfaction. 

Next Steps

To upgrade to the latest release of Uno Platform, please update your packages to 4.9 via your Visual Studio NuGet package manager! If you are new to Uno Platform, following our official getting started guide is the best way to get started. (5 min to complete)


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