Consuming a Web Service from Uno Platform – Cats API Client

This how-to will walk you through the process of creating a multi-platform application that leverages web services. This blog post is courtesy of Daren May, software architect, Microsoft MVP and developer trainer who contributed this article to Uno documentation. The resulting Uno WebAssembly application  looks like the below animated gif. The same application also runs on all Uno Platform supported platforms.

Full article with lots of code samples can be seen at Uno Platform docs.

Specifically you will be:

  1. Creating a simple Uno application.
  2. Registering for The Cat API web service.
  3. Building a number of data models that utilize JSON serialization.
  4. Building a web service base class that supports REST service operations and then build a number of services that derived from it.
  5. Using the services in a view-model.
  6. Build a XAML UI that utilizes the view-model.
  7. Test the application in UWP and WASM.

Throughout the how-to there will be notes on recommended practices and tips that highlight resources for additional learning. Full article with lots of code samples can be seen at Uno Platform docs.

Uno Platform team on behalf of Darren May.

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