On the Web, Uno Platform WebAssembly applications are all client-side, Static Web Apps. In this session from UnoConf 2021, Andres explores how to set up a hosting service designed for Static Web Apps and Uno Platform. As such it can be hosted in Azure with all the best Azure has to offer.

Azure style Web Apps is a service that allows hosting static content on Azure by connecting a core repository like GitHub or Azure DevOps and automatically builds and deploys your applications based on code changes.

In Azure, there are lot of features to make deploying and configuring your app seamless, including free SSL certificates that renew automatically, custom domains, a seamless security model, and free built-in authentication and routing. A secondary benefit of the Static Web Apps is the fact that your static content is globally distributed making it very close to your final user so that when they access your application, the application loads fast.

Watch Andres Pineda’s full UnoConf talk for a more in depth look at deploying Uno Applications to Azure.



Additionally Gerard Gallant, an Uno Platform guest author and senior software developer has also written an article providing a Step-by-Step Walkthrough to deploy your code to Azure Static Web Apps.

Official Documentation for Hosting Uno Platform Apps on Azure

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