One of our partners – Syncfusion – a leader in providing UI components for Microsoft developers has recently published a free eBook as part of their SUCCINCTLY book series.

Syncfusion created a free library of over 170+  e-books in the Succinctly series available in PDF format. The Succinctly series was born out of a desire to provide concise technical books targeted at developers working on the Microsoft platform.

The sample code from their Uno Platform book is also available on GitHub. In addition to publishing a book on Uno Platform, Syncfusion has also created a Chart library for Uno Platform applications, give them a try!





Uno Platform is an open-source toolkit that takes aim at the developer holy grail: true cross-platform development. Even better, its starting point is C# and XAML, giving Windows developers a much-needed bridge into the worlds of iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux. In Uno Platform Succinctly, author Ed Freitas guides readers on the essentials of working with the toolkit. In just four quick chapters, you’ll go from setting up your first Uno project in Visual Studio to a fully functioning single-page application.




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