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Help Shape Uno Platform’s 2024 Roadmap

Each year, we embark on an essential journey – conducting a survey that serves as the compass for Uno Platform’s direction in the upcoming year. This isn’t just any survey; it’s a cornerstone that helps us identify the ‘big rocks’ – the major priorities that will shape the future of Uno Platform.

The journey of developing Uno Platform is a collaborative one. With each line of code and every piece of feedback, we are co-creating a platform that stands as the most productive way to build applications on .NET. Your insights and feedback are vital in guiding the direction of Uno Platform for 2024.

The Power of Community Opinion

Looking back, the insights gained from previous surveys have been nothing short of transformative. They led to the birth of innovations like C# Markup, .NET MAUI Embedding and the Startup Wizard, to name a few. These developments were directly fueled by your feedback and have significantly enhanced the Uno Platform experience.

We are eager to understand how you use Uno Platform. Your unique applications, the innovative ways you integrate it into your projects, and the challenges you face – these stories are a goldmine of information for us. They inspire new features and help us fine-tune existing ones.

Beyond the Big Picture

While this survey focuses on the major themes for 2024, we never lose sight of the smaller yet equally important feature requests. We encourage you to continue sharing these with us on our GitHub repository. Your ongoing feedback is crucial in ensuring that we address these needs promptly.

Next Steps

In anticipation of your participation, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your voice is the driving force behind Uno Platform’s evolution, and together, we will continue to make it the premier choice for .NET developers.

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