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MVPs – Uno Platform Thanks You!

Thanks to all who contribute to the success of this community.

This week is the MVP summit and on behalf of the complete Uno Platform team, we wanted to use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of you who have contributed to Uno Platform over the years.

As a thank you for your contributions, we are making a small contribution to 23 Open-Source projects and/or maintainers in .NET open-source developer ecosystem. Why 23 you may ask? It’s just a small ‘throw-back’ to the fact 23 MVPs contributed to Uno Platform GitHub Repo.

We are listing here the contributors to Uno Platform GitHub repository as it is relatively easy for us to ensure no MVP got missed by looking at the contributor list 😊 But, equally important to Uno Platform’s success are those of you who have invited us to your local user group and podcasts, or have helped on our forums and Discord, as well as written blog posts about us. All that help is greatly appreciated and helps keep us going.

THANK YOU ALL! Enjoy the MVP Summit!

Community & Contributors

We are fortunate to have over 210 contributors who helped fix over 1800 issues together with our core team. The enthusiasm and power of the open-source community is a big factor in sustaining Uno Platform.


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