WebAssembly App deployment
Azure Static WebApps, Azure DevOps and CDN friendliness

Azure Static WebApps is a recent service provided by Microsoft to host static files, alongside optional backend Azure Functions. A free tier is available that allows the application to be deployed quickly while integrating it with PRs validations. These features make this service a good candidate for hosting WebAssembly-based apps, which don’t need any much server-side dynamic content. There is however one feature missing, currently there is no proper way to handle application upgrades, as hosted files may become out of sync, or just plain removed when a new version of the app is deployed. This can in turn create random application failures for users who are in between versions. Uno Platform, the Uno.Wasm.Bootstrap and the Azure DevOps Artifacts Multi-Download projects are able to help when releasing the application through Azure DevOps. This set of scripts is used to deploy, the NuGet Package Explorer for WebAssembly.   The Uno Application packaging An Uno Platform application is built around the creation of an hash-based packaging, making it easy to hint that a CDN can cache files provided by the app indefinitely, except for the index.html file. The index.html file is generally set to be cached for a short period of