Uno Platform Docs – 30% More Content and Updated UI

We’ve been reimagining the full scope of our Uno Platform docs to provide an improved user experience in every way. Not only did we add roughly 30% more content (if you missed it, that’s 8 Great Gatsby’s worth of new documentation!), but our technical documentation has also been revised and redesigned to improve readability. These changes allow us to offer you more extensive information, additional samples, and document new platform additions. Discover quick starts, interactive tutorials, technical documentation, code samples, and tools to help you learn how to build using Uno Platform. Get Started Our Get Started guide is the best place to get underway for creating cross-platform applications with Uno Platform. We start off by guiding you on setting up your environment no matter your preferred IDE, establishing some common issues you may run into and how you can overcome them. We’ve also made it even easier for you to get started with Uno Platform with our new VS2022 Template Wizard, which will give you the option to choose the platforms you need, ensuring you have an optimal setup for your project. If you do not select a platform at this time, you can add it back later by visiting

New Uno Platform Docs Launched

Today we rolled out our new documentation site – – with improved readability, full-text search, and a tutorial section with a number of additional how-to articles. This has been consistently a key issue in feedback from the Uno community and with these steps we are starting to deliver improvements to our docs.   No documentation site is ever finished. We will continue to improve our documentation and invite you to be a part of this process. Every page is editable, and you can make your contribution by clicking “Improve this Doc” button. If there are pages, you’d like us to add, and which you can populate with your i.e. “how-to” articles, just file a Documentation Request on our GitHub. Or if you need help in beginning to contribute, feel free to reach out to us at