LiveCharts Announces Support for Uno Platform

Imagine combining LiveCharts2 (v2), the evolution of LiveCharts (v0), with the power of Uno Platform.  The ability to integrate beautiful, animated, automatically updated, cross-platform, object-oriented and easy-to-use charts opens many possibilities for data visualization-driven applications! The LiveCharts team has been working hard at expanding support for Uno Platform, and you can now integrate charts, maps, and gauges everywhere Uno Platform runs. LiveCharts2 for Uno Platform contains the following controls: Cartesian Chart Control Pie Chart Control Polar Chart Control Geo Map Control Chart Examples Today, LiveCharts2 for Uno Platform is in a preview and is available to everyone via the NuGet package for Uno. You can also visit the new website, which houses the library, and docs, which are fully integrated with Uno Platform and the API explorer. So take it for a spin and see how easy it is to get started using this brand-new suite of controls in your Uno Platform Applications. LETS GET STARTED 1. Install Uno Platform Before starting with Uno Platform, ensure you have installed all the prerequisites. For Visual Studio, you can get started here; you can find help on how to install the mentioned workloads here. 2. Create a new Uno Platform project Open visual studio