Uno Platform 3.11: Support for .NET 6 RTM, VS 2022 17.1 Preview 1

It was a busy week with 3 full days of .NET Conf – the exciting launch of .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022. The scalability, reliability, and performance of Visual Studio 2022 have all been significantly improved. On our side the first tests of Uno Platform on .NET 6 RTM are showing great performance improvements on Visual Studio 2022 across several fronts, including Android and WebAssembly. More on this at our UnoConf…. Uno Platform 3.11 release ships 160+ features and bug fixes and adds support for  .NET 6 RTM with all related improvements.   As Microsoft had announced the delay for .NET 6 support for Android and iOS, we’ve re-introduced Xamarin-based templates for Visual Studio 2022. Additionally, the support for preview .NET 6 Android and iOS has now been moved to 17.1 Preview 1. In Visual Studio 2022, you’ll find now two templates: One named Multi-Platform App (UnoPlatform|xamarin), which uses the existing stable Xamarin “Classic”. It is the same as found when using Visual Studio 2019. One named Multi-Platform App (UnoPlatform|net6), which uses the .NET 6 preview support for iOS, Android, macOS and Catalyst and requires Visual Studio 17.1 preview 1. To use this new release, you can setup your

Announcing Uno Platform 2.4 – macOS support and Windows Calculator on macOS

Hello macOS! Developer productivity and code reuse is at the heart of Uno Platform mission. Today we are adding macOS support preview and we are one step closer to achieving #WinUIEverywhere mission, enabling WinUI and your C# and XAML code to run on Windows, iOS, Android, Web, and now macOS. macOS support was one of the top requested Uno Platform feature in surveys we did. We are glad to deliver on that key ask and to continue to develop it in the open together with you. Today, when you create a new Uno Platform solution a new head project for macOS will automatically be created for you. Windows Calculator on macOS Previously, as a proof of concept for the level of code reusability you can achieve across mobile and the web, we had ported the open source Windows Calculator to Android, iOS and the Web, and published it as the Uno Calculator. Today, as a showcase of macOS support published in the macOS App Store, we are extending that example to also include macOS. How to enable your existing Uno app to run on macOS If you already have an Uno application and you want to add support for macOS,