I asked ChatGPT to Compare Xamarin.Forms Shell Navigation and Uno Platform Navigation

Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit We wanted to put ChatGPT to a small test; to compare Xamarin.Forms Navigation and comparable offering from Uno Platform, the recently released Extensions package, which contains Navigation, among other things. So I asked ChatGPT to compare Xamarin.Forms Shell Navigation and Uno Platform Navigation. Check out the results and commentary below. First, let’s see how it did, and after you read the ChatGPT version, look for our commentary on its results. ChatGPT Introduction Mobile application development has been revolutionized with cross-platform development frameworks such as Xamarin and Uno Platform. Xamarin Forms Shell Navigation and Uno Platform Extensions Navigation are two of the most popular navigation frameworks for building cross-platform mobile applications. Both of these frameworks provide powerful navigation features, but there are some key differences between them that make them better suited for different types of applications. In this blog post, we will compare Xamarin Forms Shell Navigation and Uno Platform Extensions Navigation and see how they differ. Xamarin Forms Shell Navigation Xamarin Forms Shell Navigation is a navigation framework introduced in Xamarin Forms 4.0. It provides a new way to structure and navigate your Xamarin Forms applications. Xamarin Forms Shell Navigation

Porting Custom Controls from Xamarin Forms to Uno Platform

Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit As Xamarin.Forms inches closer to the end of support, you may consider your options for migrating your mobile applications and maybe even custom controls for your ‘old’ Xamarin.Forms app, which you need to bring with you. In this article, we will work through migrating the CardView demo originally provided as one of the sample apps in Xamarin.Forms repo to an Uno Platform app to show you how easy it is to port Xamarin.Forms apps to Uno Platform. Uno Platform | Xamarin.Forms The CardView is a sample control based on Xamarin.Forms’ ContentView and is designed to display an image, header and body text in a card format (often used in a list). Anatomy of a Custom Control A custom control consists of two files – the XAML file defining the UI and a code-behind file which contains some boilerplate code and any custom properties you have defined for the control. The class for your control inherits from ContentView and is marked as partial because some functionality is added by compiler-generated code. The standard empty class contains a constructor with a call to InitializeComponent. As with pages (and any other XAML-based class), this calls