Uno Platform at Hacktoberfest 2022 – Prizes and How to Participate!

We are pleased to participate in this year’s Hacktoberfest, and we are making it a fun one! This year’s event, in addition to code contributions, emphasizes non-code contributions such as documentation, blogs, and advocacy. We are following suit and are accepting meaningful documentation and advocacy contributions.

Hacktoberfest will gather tens of thousands of developers worldwide on a single mission to make the complete OSS ecosystem better. We are joining forces not only to get contributions to our project but even more so to help nurture future OSS contributors overall. If you chose Uno Platform as your contributing ground, we promise to help you along with the process of contributing so you can taste the “success of OSS giving.” And you will contribute to an amazing mission we are undertaking – reducing waste in software development by taking #WinUIEverywhere.


Before you ask, yes, the rewards are stackable, so you potentially do get to win all of them.

In addition to Uno Platform prizes, please see one of the 40,000 prizes from the official Hacktoberfest.

What Qualifies

1. Code contribution

Any open Issue at Uno Platform GitHub qualifies. If this is your first time contributing to Uno Platform, you may want to review Contribution Guideline.

2. Documentation Contribution

Option 1. We curated a list of open documentation and code sample issues you can assign yourself to. As you assign yourself to the issue, we will make contact on GitHub to help you through it and ensure the issue is progressing. If there is no activity on the issue, we will open the issue back up for the rest of the community to participate.

Option 2: If the doc issue you want to work on is not there, you can open a new documentation issue. If applicable, we will approve it by tagging it with the Hacktoberfest tag, which will be listed on the board above. Then you are free to solve/close the issue, which will then be counted towards your Hacktoberfest credits.

3. Advocacy Contribution

Advocacy is essential for all open-source projects as it is hard to stand out in the crowded tech space. So, if you are passionate about Uno Platform, this is a great way to get involved in Hacktoberfest.

Blog about Uno Platform and your experience with it, or help your local community by translating existing tutorials and blogs. For example, look at our blogs ( or How To articles on documentation, How-tos, and tutorials ( and pick one to translate.

If you don’t have an existing blog, a popular place for tech bloggers is places like, medium, Code Project, or C# corner, to name a few.

See below for “How to Enter” your advocacy piece for the Hacktoberfest initiative.

About Uno Platform

For those new to Uno Platform, it allows for creating pixel-perfect, single-source C# and XAML apps that run natively on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Web via WebAssembly. In addition, it offers Figma integration for design-development handoff and a set of extensions to bootstrap your projects. Uno Platform is free, open-source (Apache 2.0), and available on GitHub.

What Doesn't Qualify

In the past, we’ve had cases where minimal typos or typography changes were submitted to get another PR in. While these changes are appreciated and can improve documentation readability, we feel they are also not in the spirit of Hacktoberfest. Moreover, it puts pressure on our engineering team to review them all. When we receive hundreds of these PRs, it can slow down our main project development. So this year, we will not be accepting and approving typo & typography changes during the Hacktoberfest time frame.

How To Enter

Below are specifics regarding the Uno Platform repo. You also need to register with Hacktoberfest.

  1. Code contribution: Any code contribution automatically qualifies

  2. Documentation changes: Any tagged documentation issues automatically qualify. Please make sure your docs PRs are named “docs: ____” to pass the conventional commits validation.

  3. Advocacy and translated resources: Once finished and your tutorial/blog is posted at either your blog or community blogging outlet, post a link to it by creating a PR at Uno Platform docs Advocacy and translated resources. Please make sure your docs PRs are named “docs: ____” to pass the conventional commits validation.

Prize Fullfillment

  1. In November, if you have met the prize thresholds, you will be contacted via GitHub / EMAIL to fill out a form specifying your address, size, etc.

  2. Please allow a few months to fulfill the prizes as we both need to order them according to your requested size and mail them. Of course, digital prizes will be delivered immediately.

First time contributing? Video Guide for you.

  1. In the past, we’ve helped numerous other developers like you to get their first Uno Platform PR in. Choose one of the below videos to see all the steps from getting set up to submitting your first PR.

General Contributing Guidelines

Please read our contributing guide to learn about our development process and how to propose bug fixes and improvements. Then, visit us on our Discord Channel #uno-platform for help on how to contribute! Finally, contribute to Uno Platform in your browser using; follow our guide here. Be also mindful of our Code of Conduct.

Are you Ready!!

An increasing number of developers contribute to OSS every year. If you have always wanted to do it, this is the best time to give it a go. Not for the prizes. But to be a part of the ‘celebration’ of OSS that Hacktoberfest has become. We’d love to have you!!


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