Uno Platform Turns Two Years in the Open

Last week Uno turned two years old in the open! At Microsoft Build 2018 we stepped into the world of Open Source after developing Uno for our internal purposes for 5 years prior to open sourcing it. It’s been quite a journey. We want to thank all of you who have contributed to it in any shape or form – submitting an issue or PR, trying it, using it,  blogging about it, hosting an event about it or just encouraging us from a side to keep on working on our quest of making WinUI run everywhere.

To celebrate the 2nd birthday we wanted to take this moment to look back at some of the bigger milestones we achieved together with you. So in no particular order, here they come.

  • Released 21 updates and nearly 7000 commits which included support for: ReactiveUI, SkiaSharp x:Bind, XAML Hot Reload, Dark Mode, Markup Extension to name a few.
  • Received contributions from nearly 150 people worldwide and participated in Hacktoberberfest
  • Distributed over 5000 Uno tshirts!!
  • Extended the list of supported platforms with macOS head.
  • Closed 700+ community driven bugs and issues
  • Doubled core engineering team
  • Contributed to Prism and enabled UWP/WinUI and Uno Platform Prism support.
  • Extended Windows Community Toolkit to all platforms
  • Extended Xamarin.Forms to the Web
  • Delivered a session at Microsoft Build 2019
  • Were part of WinUI 3.0 Session at Build 2020
  • Enabled using VS Code as IDE for WebAssembly scenarios
  • Integrated with GitPod
  • Had Miguel de Icaza keynote our first-ever UnoConf
  • Provided support for Surface Neo and Duo
  • Played with Cybertruck in XAML and had it run Cross-Platform with WebAssembly
  • Extended, in lock-step, WinUI to run everywhere.
  • Ported Windows Calculator to WebAssembly, iOS, Android and macOS
  • Passed 2000 stars on GitHub. If you aren’t following Uno, you should
  • Passed 10,000 followers on twitter.
  • Contributed to Mono.
  • Over 70 User Group meetings worldwide – most of which were delivered by non-core Uno team – community FTW.
  • Released four sample apps – Ch9, UADO, Calculator and Uno Gallery
  • Made three appearances on Channel 9
  • Featured in some of the biggest Tech publications, including InfoWorld. The Register, Windows Insider and more.
  • Approached 400,000 downloads on NuGet
  • Received first community-led Udemy course
  • Launched enterprise support to help big companies who chose Uno and to help keep Uno viable.

About Uno Platform

For those new to Uno Platform – it enables for creation of single-source C# and XAML apps which run natively on iOS and Android, macOS and Web via WebAssembly. Uno Platform is Open Source (Apache 2.0) and available on GitHub. To learn more about Uno Platform, see how it works, or create a small sample app.

And if you made it this long down the post, you deserve an Uno t-shirt. Just email us at with your shirt size and your address and we will send you one. The first 10 people to email us at  will get a t-shirt. Also, come celebrate with us at this summer’s virtual UnoConf –

Uno Platform Team

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