Last week we hosted our inaugural 2-day UnoConf. This blog recaps the sessions, announcements and points you need to know, including bits of our livestream.  

Day 1 – Conferences

The day begun with a keynote presentation by Miguel De Icaza who gave us the history of Mono, Xamarin and .NET. Miguel provided insights into the roadmap and Microsoft vision for .NET. Of course there was typical ‘Miguel humour’ sprinkled throughout the talk, but most of all he stressed the importance of OSS and why open software is the key to innovation.

Next up were Jerome Laban and Francois Tanguay, Uno Platform CTO and CEO. This was a session which provided insights into Uno’s 6-year history, the present (some announcements below) as well as the roadmap. It literally rained announcements during this talk that featured guest speakers from our client base, as well as Microsoft and Syncfusion 


    1. Uno Platform announced version 2.0 including 
    2. XAML Hot Reload 
    3. Support for Xamarin Forms 
    4. UI Testing for Uno Platform. 
    5. SkiaSharp.Extended for WebAssembly 
    6. Syncfusion announced official support for Uno Platform with initial three components – Data Grid, Chart and Scheduler controls. You can find out more about Uno & Syncfusion announcement here 
    7. Microsoft’s Michael Hawker announced Windows Community Toolkit preview of XAML controls for Microsoft Graph which work with UWP apps and in WPF/WinForms for Win32 apps via XAML Islands on .NET Core 3, and on Android and iOS with Uno Platform. You can find out more about Windows Community Toolkit and Uno announcement here. 


Next up was Rocky Lhotka who spoke on creating a common business logic layer for your app that runs on Uno-based apps (with a focus on WebAssembly), as well as WPF, WinForms and ASP.NET. 


Next up was Billy Hollis who took attendees through ways of using XAML in Uno Platform, leveraging its ability to compose small pieces for amazing results. 


Next up was Matt Lacey who gave us a preview of the new tool he is working on which makes working with XAML faster and easier.  


Next one up was our own Mathieu Fillion who dug deep into using AdaptiveTriggers with VisualStudio’s Edit and Continue and see how you can easily create responsive UI across all platforms. 


Next up, in his typical dynamic fashion, Andres Pineda took us through experiences in contributing to open source experience and why you should do it too.  


Lastly, Sam Basu from Telerik showed us some of his own hacking with Uno Platform and Telerik UI for UWP and Telerik UI for Xamarin controls. Although these controls aren’t officially supported by Telerik it was encouraging to see some scenarios work with controls as-is. 


Our MC Jen Looper lead us through the day and helped move the event along. Huge thanks to Jen for landing a hand!

Day 2 – Workshop

Day 2 was dedicated to a sold-out, hands-on workshop. We had to limit the seating to 25 (lesson learned – next year we need bigger room). Lead by Geoffrey Huntley and Carl De Billy, the team had great time during which a couple of pull requests for Uno Platform were also solved! The workshop materials are open source and ready for you to go through alone if you’d like. Or, if you would be interested in have us come onto your company site and deliver it to your wider team – let us know please. 

Get your Super Early Bird, deeply discounted UnoConf 2020 in Montreal tickets while they last! Speakers, topics and more to be announced!


Uno Platform 5.2 – True Single Project, enhanced Skia renderers, Multi Window and .NET 9 support , and more! See what’s new