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UnoConf 2021 Cross-Platform Application Development Conference

UnoConf tickets, now available. Are you ready? We’re announcing Uno Platform’s half day, single-track, free online conference on cross-platform application development. Join an energetic community of developers, code contributors and industry experts as they come together to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. UnoConf is more than just a conference, it’s a community, a place to connect, and an opportunity for those wishing to learn more about Uno Platform. Featuring industry speakers, product announcements and live Q&A’s. UnoConf 2021 is for anyone interested in cross-platform application development for Desktop, Web and Mobile. It’s all happening virtually this November 30th. Book your UnoConf virtual ticket today to be entered into our weekly draw of 10 available prizes.  

UnoConf 2020 (Virtual & Free) – Aug 12, 2020 – Save the date

Much like the rest of the industry, we’ve moved our annual conference to your favorite device – desktop or mobile! UnoConf will be a half-day, single-track free online conference on WinUI and Uno Platform powered cross-platform application development for Desktop, Web and Mobile. Save your August 12, 2020 starting at noon EDT! REGISTER NOW We will bring you the speakers from the Uno Platform core team and community as well as Microsoft to share their vision on WinUI, Uno Platform, and offer useful how-to’s on developing cross-platform applications. We will announce the agenda as speakers and sessions get confirmed- stay tuned to Format wise, you can expect many shorter sessions, we clearly learned from Microsoft Build. However, we will also add a fun networking session at the end. This is one aspect which is really missing from the offline conferences and we will try to overcome it with a virtual networking session. We are excited to put this event on and we hope you’ll join us! Register now and add the event to your calendar so you don’t miss it! REGISTER NOW And for the old times sake, here is a short video recap of last year’s UnoConf. We

UnoConf 2020 Call for Presentations

UnoConf 2020 is upon us, and we want you to present. The call for presentations is officially open! Montreal’s only dedicated conference to Uno Platform and cross platform development is looking for presentations on the subjects of, C#, XAML, WebAssembly, WinUI, Xamarin, Cross Platform Development, Dual-Screen Responsiveness (i.e. Microsoft Surface Neo & Duo), Open Source Software, and much more.   Submit your Presentation *By submitting your presentation subject via this contact form, you give nventive and Uno Platform the permission to contact you with emails, related offers, and news. **Multiple submissions are OK with us ? Here are some examples of topics from last year’s presentations:   Creating Great UX with Compositional Thinking in XAML by Billy Hollis XAML is arguably the most powerful application markup language on the planet, but you must use a compositional approach to gain maximum benefits. This session shows powerful and “thinking outside the box” ways to use XAML, leveraging its ability to compose small pieces for amazing results. You’ll see how layering, content, templating, data binding, and other XAML capabilities for composition can solve real application problems, with examples inspired by real world projects. Almost all examples will be on the Uno Platform, with

Uno Community Events are Booming this November-December

The Uno Platform community has been creating quite a buzz as of late. With Microsoft’s recent shout out to Uno and a slew of community events popping up in November and December, Uno Platform is making headlines and introducing user groups to the platform one announcement at a time. Things that keep us going. Uno community events in November: – London ?? – Orlando ?? – Boston ?? – Westerville ?? – Scottsdale ?? – Laval ?? – Madrid ?? – Malaga ?? – Noida ?? THANK YOU.#WinUIEverywhere — Uno Platform (@UnoPlatform) November 6, 2019   If you are interested in learning about Uno Platform, check out the events listed below to find one closest to you! London, GB, UK Speaker: Matt Lacey and Jay Kannan Description: Discussing Xamarin/.NET development with an introduction to the Uno Platform! Date & Time: Wednesday, December 4 – 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm respectively See the event   Orlando, FL, USA Speaker: Jerome Laban, CTO of Uno Platform Description: Developing cross-platform apps for Windows, iOS, Android and WebAssembly can be a complex process, especially when it comes to the user interface. Each platform has its own ways of defining dynamic layouts, with some being more

Uno is joining Hacktoberfest 2019

We’re excited to announce that the Uno Platform is participating in this years #Hacktoberfest and anyone who contributes a pull request to the Uno Platform on GitHub between October 1 and October 31 will receive a Uno Platform T-shirt plus some limited edition swag ™. How to participate Register for the Hacktoberfest® event. Share your contact details via this form with the Uno Platform team so that we know where to send your swag after Hacktoberfest ends. Make a pull-request to improve the projects code or documentation. All contributions are welcome and no contribution is too small. Show your appreciation by “staring” the unoplatform/uno repository on GitHub. We use two labels help wanted and good first issue to identify issues that have been specially curated for new contributors. The good first issue label is a subset of help wanted label, indicating that members have committed to providing extra assistance for new contributors. All good first issue items also have the help wanted label. Items marked with the good first issue label are intended for first-time contributors. About the Uno Platform The Uno Platform enables you to utilize your existing skills (C# and XAML) to create UI rich WebAssembly and native

UnoConf 2019 Recap (with Video)

Last week we hosted our inaugural 2-day UnoConf. This blog recaps the sessions, announcements and points you need to know, including bits of our livestream.   Day 1 – Conferences The day begun with a keynote presentation by Miguel De Icaza who gave us the history of Mono, Xamarin and .NET. Miguel provided insights into the roadmap and Microsoft vision for .NET. Of course there was typical ‘Miguel humour’ sprinkled throughout the talk, but most of all he stressed the importance of OSS and why open software is the key to innovation. Next up were Jerome Laban and Francois Tanguay, Uno Platform CTO and CEO. This was a session which provided insights into Uno’s 6-year history, the present (some announcements below) as well as the roadmap. It literally rained announcements during this talk that featured guest speakers from our client base, as well as Microsoft and Syncfusion.   Announcements  Uno Platform announced version 2.0 including.   XAML Hot Reload  Support for Xamarin Forms  UI Testing for Uno Platform.  SkiaSharp.Extended for WebAssembly  Syncfusion announced official support for Uno Platform with initial three components – Data Grid, Chart and Scheduler controls. You can find out more about Uno & Syncfusion announcement here  Microsoft’s Michael Hawker announced Windows Community Toolkit preview of XAML controls for Microsoft Graph which work with UWP apps and in

UnoConf: Date, Location and Ticket Prices Announced

We are happy to reveal more details regarding our first-ever Uno Platform conference, UnoConf. The inaugural UnoConf will feature leading minds and world-renowned speakers in the areas of Mono, Xamarin, WinUI, WebAssembly, .NET and of course the Uno Platform. UnoConf is a single-track conference covering advanced topics in developing great user experiences on the web, desktop and mobile. The agenda is coming along nicely, and we wanted to make sure that die-hard Uno Platform fans had time to plan travel and logistics accordingly with as many early details as possible. Without further ado: WHEN: September 19, 2019. WHERE: Downtown Montreal, Canada. DURATION: One-day, single-track conference. PRICE: Super Early Bird: $199.99 CDN + taxes (Very few tickets available) Early Bird: $299.99 CDN + taxes (Few tickets available) Regular Price: $599 CDN + taxes Buy Tickets Note: for those of you coming from outside of Canada, for rough calculations: $1 CDN is about $0.74 USD or $0.66 EUR. WILL THERE BE AN ATTENDEE PARTY?: This is our first conference ever, so we will find an appropriate way to celebrate that! Also, Montreal is beautiful in September, you should definitely plan to stay a few extra days to check it out. Many more