UnoConf 2020 is upon us, and we want you to present. The call for presentations is officially open!

Montreal’s only dedicated conference to Uno Platform and cross platform development is looking for presentations on the subjects of, C#, XAML, WebAssembly, WinUI, Xamarin, Cross Platform Development, Dual-Screen Responsiveness (i.e. Microsoft Surface Neo & Duo), Open Source Software, and much more.


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    Here are some examples of topics from last year’s presentations:


    Creating Great UX with Compositional Thinking in XAML by Billy Hollis

    XAML is arguably the most powerful application markup language on the planet, but you must use a compositional approach to gain maximum benefits. This session shows powerful and “thinking outside the box” ways to use XAML, leveraging its ability to compose small pieces for amazing results. You’ll see how layering, content, templating, data binding, and other XAML capabilities for composition can solve real application problems, with examples inspired by real world projects. Almost all examples will be on the Uno Platform, with one or two in UWP for capabilities that are not yet in Uno.


    CSLA and Uno: Reusable Business Logic Comes to the Browser by Rocky Lhotka

    Rocky will show you how you can create a common business logic layer for your app that runs on Xamarin, WPF, Windows Forms, or ASP.NET, as well as in Uno-based apps (with a focus on WebAssembly).

    Uno Platform 5.2 – True Single Project, enhanced Skia renderers, Multi Window and .NET 9 support , and more! See what’s new