SplitView is a control in XAML Community Gallery which you can reuse in your Uno Platform applications. A SplitView control has an expandable/collapsible pane and a content area. A lot of apps needing a master-details layout, or apps using a burger menu to display a fly-out menu, can be implemented using the UWP SplitView.

This is a re-post of a blog post initially written by Uno community member Nick Randolph . We think this post is pure gold and we want to make it more discoverable to Uno community. In the coming weeks we will be featuring other how-to blog posts coming from Uno community. For a detailed step-by-step tutorial for using SplitView, Uno Platform and Blend see Using the UWP SplitView on iOS, Android and WebAssembly with Uno.

We would appreciate if you give SplitView a try and if you face any challenges, please post an issue to our GitHub repo. We also love your Pull Requests! 🙂

Uno Platform Team

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