Uno Platform Community Sponsorship Program

We’re excited to help out groups with interest in Uno Platform.
Our online community is on Discord – #uno-platform channel.

What Would Your Group Get?

Event in a Box

PowerPoints, Code samples, a video call with our core team to help you deliver the talk

Uno Platform SWAG

We are known for best-looking SWAG – so think t-shirts, stickers, reusable straws etc.

$$ to help with the event

Depending on funding we can offer to pay for Pizza and Pop and sometimes even fly in a speaker

What Are We Looking for in Return?

Linkback to Our Site

We’d appreciate a link back to Uno Platform site – it both helps your members discover us and helps our SEO

Social Media Promo

Help us help you drive attendance to your event. Simply tag @UnoPlatform on twitter and we’ll help.

Long Term Relationship

Every user group is unique. If you have means to help us spread Uno news in a way that helps you – newsletters, contests, hackathons etc – let us know and we can team up.

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