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Looking to expedite the cross platform development process? Uno Platform offers this and much, much more. In fact, here are 50 reasons why exactly you should use it for your next development project.


  1. It is Open Source and Free – under Apache 2.0  
  2. It is mature and battle-tested on hundreds of apps built over the past 6 years 
  3. It can help port code from 20 years ago to iOS, Android and Web – like we did with the Windows Calculator 
  4. It allows you to leverage your existing C# and XAML skill set to build apps for iOS, Android and Web 
  5. One codebase – 4 different platforms – need we say more? (iOS, Android, Windows, WebAssembly 
  6. It supports Progressive Web Apps (PWA) 
  7. It is professionally supported – if you require professional support 
  8. It gives back to the community – not only the code but it supports other OSS projects, user groups and conferences 
  9. You can make a gradient brush 
  10. Never write Objective-C again 
  11. Reuse your favorite MVVM pattern on all platforms 
  12. XAML for UI is a mature & well documented technology – you’ll always find an example suiting your needs 
  13. Start developing your app before knowing which platform you’ll need to target 
  14. Reduce the pressure on your designers by NOT asking them to create different assets for each platform 
  15. Press F5 first and develop your app live using Hot Reload 
  16. You can put an image in a button, in a button 
  17. Mix and Match XAML controls and Native components at will 
  18. Rocky Lhotka said Uno Platform is one of the few ways .NET developers can remain relevant in years to come  
  19. Our annual conference, UnoConf, is held in Montreal, Canada – a perfect excuse for you to come the Canadian capital for food, comedy, architecture, music, people and fashion
  20. Uno Platform showcase app is an actual app for software developers that complements Azure DevOps – UADO
  21. Our UADO sample app is also opensource – learn from the way we code! 
  22. Uno Platform provides SkiaSharp support for WebAssembly 
  23. It is built on top of Xamarin Classic 
  24. Our team contributes to Mono 
  25. Works with Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 
  26. If you insist on developing on Mac, it works on Visual Studio for Mac too, but in our opinion, you lose a lot of the dev loop benefits by not being on Windows box
  27. Works seamlessly with Azure DevOps 
  28. Do 95of the work without using iOS or Android at all. Yes, even to test.  
  29. Do most of your mobile dev work without even needing an emulator (=> productivity) 
  30. Do most of your mobile dev work without needing to touch a provisioning profile 
  31. Do most of your mobile dev work without needing a MacBook
  32. Run a XAML app on an iPhone. That’s cool. 
  33. You can contribute to Uno with full confidence that you’re backed by our test suite
  34. We’re easy to reach, quick to answer on Gitter, Twitter and email
  35. Be at the forefront of WinUI and the future of Microsoft UI developer stack 
  36. No more passing around Android Context in every method just to be able to actually do something 
  37. You can run SQLite, Entity Framework Core in the browser. Promise. 
  38. Bring all your devs together on the same platform, talking the same language. No more isolated teams. 
  39. Reuse your field-tested valuable code on a future-proof platform 
  40. Billy Hollis has an upcoming book on Uno
  41. Build cross-platform apps that natively support touch, mousekeyboard, and pen
  42. It has XAML Hot Reload on all platforms!
  43. Balance your WebAssembly app size and performance using Interpreter, AOT or a mix of both
  44. Our customer HubSE saved 10x time by using Uno to modernize their web app
  45. Unified UI testing using Xamarin.UITest and Selenium 
  46. You can use Skia.Extended right out of the box 
  47. Loving and caring contributor community of over 100 developers
  48. No nonsense Twitter account. Seriously.  
  49. Uno Platform full-day workshop is open source and free – available on GitHub 
  50. We have full event-in-a-box presentations available for anyone who wants to deliver an Uno talk


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