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Six years in the open and a glimpse into the future

A celebration of community and code!

Microsoft Build holds a special place in our hearts. It was there in 2018 that we debuted Uno Platform as an open-source project and marked the beginning of a remarkable adventure. It was the culmination of years of tireless efforts by a small but talented, cross-functional team that had the vision to build something that would make .NET developers as productive as possible and permit them to develop beautiful apps for all platforms supported by .NET.

Fast forward to today, and with over 2 million lines of code poured into the project and now boasting a team of 20 engineers, it’s safe to say we’ve made some serious progress. We’re incredibly grateful for the phenomenal community and clients who’ve joined us on this adventure, along with the unwavering support of the .NET, Visual Studio, and Windows UI teams  – a huge THANK YOU to all of you!

Celebrating milestones

  • 8500 GitHub stars 
  • 12,000+ Figma extension downloads
  • Over 72,000 Commits (and Counting!)
  • 80,000+ Visual Studio & VS Code downloads
  • 80,000,000+ NuGet package downloads 

Uno Platform Community: Our Biggest Win

We knew open-sourcing Uno Platform was the right move. It meant embracing collaboration, transparency, and a community-driven approach to development. Our amazing team and fantastic contributions from over 300 contributors from all corners of .NET helped build a passionate community and have helped make Uno Platform what it is today.

We expected to see a boost in innovation, creativity, and knowledge sharing. But honestly, the community has blown our expectations out of the water! In six years, you’ve created and shared a treasure trove of resources – courses, videos, articles, and tutorials – that have fueled the growth and potential of the platform.

Encouraging community participation has always been a priority, and thats is why we’re especially proud of our incredibly responsive community and team:

  • Lightning-Fast PR Reviews: A whopping 25% of pull requests are merged within a blazing-fast 3-4 hours!
  • Swift Support: 75% of PRs are merged within 2 days – that’s some serious turnaround time for top-notch contributions.
  • Our discord server has over 400 members!
Find out more
There are many ways to learn more about Uno Platform:

Join our Discord server to reach out to us directly if you have a question or want to chat with fellow developers.

Read our Documentation or take a look at the Uno Platform repo on GitHub .

Looking ahead

If you have been following Uno Platform you might have noticed a pattern. We “stand on the shoulders of giants” and love to reuse everything that Microsoft and .NET open-source community offers for developer tooling. 

At the same time, we look for areas that are currently not covered well by the .NET tooling ecosystem when it comes to cross-platform UI development, and we fill those gaps.  You can see examples of that in our core open-source project releases (6 per year!), as well as with the i.e. our Figma plugin for design-to-code handoff acceleration, which is currently the most downloaded XAML plugin on the Figma marketplace. In the near future, you can expect more tooling from our team.

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