A Deep Dive Into Uno Extensions

Our Uno Platform 4.0 release brought with it a lot of updates and fixes to the platform but most importantly it also allowed us to unveil a series of productivity tooling and extensions that drastically help bring your app to market faster. One of those tools introduced was Uno Extensions, simply put, it allows you get started without having to write code from scratch, getting you to a fully functional project in minutes and saving you months of development time. Microsoft has extracted a host of capabilities outside of ASP.NET and made them available through Microsoft Extensions – covering hosting, logging, configuration, etc. In turn, Uno Platform Extensions are based on those Microsoft Extensions. To get a better understanding of Uno Extensions and how you can utilize them in your workflow, MVP and Uno Contributor Nick Randolph gave us a glimpse of Uno Extensions in action during his UnoConf 2021 session. Listen as he walks you through creating a host and registering services to more complex extensions like using the navigation extensions to navigate between pages views and the application. This session previews only a few of the available extensions but there are additional Uno extensions that we haven’t covered

Uno Platform Learning Resources for Beginners

For those unfamiliar with Uno Platform, it allows C# and XAML developers to build single-codebase applications for Windows, WebAssembly, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux. To help new Uno Platform users get started, and those simply looking to improve their workflow, we gathered together a list of free and paid learning materials that in addition to our getting started tutorials (Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2) will have you creating multi platform applications in no time. FREE LEARNING MATERIALS: 1. Syncfusion Syncfusion who supports Uno Platform to two of its most popular UWP controls —DataGrid and Charts, published Uno Platform Succinctly. A free eBook that will take you from setting up your first Uno project in Visual Studio to a fully functioning single-page application. 2. Andrew Hoefling – Getting Started with Uno Platform Microsoft MVP Andrew Hoefling put together Uno Platform: Getting Started Series, a compilation of 8 great blogs covering the basics you need to get started with Uno Platform. • Uno Platform Getting Started with New Projects • Uno Platform View Stack Navigation • Uno Platform Tabbed Pages with the Command Bar • Platform Specific XAML in Uno Platform • Platform Specific C# in Uno Platform • MVVM and Dependency Injection in

The State of WebAssembly – 2021 and 2022

In this article, I’m going to take the same approach that I used last year to show you the current state of WebAssembly. I’ll look at the big events of the past year and then try to predict where I think things are going in 2022. 2021 in Review This past year turned out to be a much bigger year for WebAssembly than I was expecting, especially around the Safari web browser. Safari When the MVP of WebAssembly was released back in 2017, Safari was right there with the same features as the rest of the browsers. In the years that followed, Safari unfortunately fell behind. Over 2021, I was very pleased to see a lot of work put into Safari to bring its WebAssembly support up to date. As of the Safari 15.2 release on December 14th, some of the features added to Safari over 2021 include: Streaming Compilation Bulk Memory Operations Addressable Memory can now reach 4GB Exception Handling Support for the COOP (Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy) and COEP (Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy) response headers Atomic Instructions The re-enabling of the SharedArrayBuffer for sites that use the COOP/COEP response header SharedArrayBuffer WebAssembly uses the SharedArrayBuffer to share memory between WebAssembly threads. Unfortunately, the buffer

Uno Platform – 2021 in Review

2021 was quite the year. Not only for our team but also for the community of contributors that helped get Uno Platform where we are today. Thank you for making our favorite moments from this year possible, and for being part of this incredible community. Releases Its only natural to start this post by recapping the innovation that went into Uno Platform this year. We had 8 releases (3100+ commits!) across 12 months: or about 6 weeks apart. This seems to be the sweet spot for releasing as it is a good balance for new features being tested and available in our ‘dev’ releases and making them final in our official releases. We stayed true to shipping on, or very close to, Day 0 to WinUI and .NET Releases – both official releases as well as previews. While this process puts extra strain on our team, it is a necessary step which makes sure that our community can take advantage of newest features published by both Windows and .NET teams. We hope to keep this up in 2022. Highlights wise – in addition to core support for WinUI 3 and .NET 6 we also added support for Visual Studio 2022,

UnoConf 2021 Summary and Recordings

Uno Platform’s vision since day one has been to bring WinUI everywhere, enabling developers to create pixel-perfect single code base, web, mobile and desktop applications using both C# and XAML. That’s why this year’s UnoConf proved to be an exciting one as we got to share the release of 4.0 and how much Uno Platform has matured – and why we called it a “platform” to begin with. We welcomed viewers from over 30 different countries this year, showing that Uno Platform is making waves globally. We were able to showcase contributions to the platform from Microsoft, demos from core team members and more. If you missed this year’s UnoConf, we’ve got you covered. In this UnoConf blog series, we’ll be breaking down each one of our speaker sessions and their demos in a deep dive. Make sure to tune in weekly, for now you can catch up on our tech talks firsthand from links below. • Uno Extensions • Styling Uno Platform Applications • Deploying Uno Platform Applications to Azure • Using Native Controls in Uno Platform Apps • Best Practices for Testing Uno Platform Applications • Migrating WPF Applications to Web • How Uno Platform ports features from

Announcing Uno Platform 4-0. Four Major Components Added

Four platform additions for speeding up application development announced: Visual Studio Code and Figma integration, Uno Platform Extensions and UI Toolkit.   Today, at UnoConf, we announced Uno Platform 4.0 which marks major new expansion to the platform, and an introduction of a set of new productivity tooling for Visual Studio Code users, a Toolkit of multiplatform-first components, a Figma plugin to eliminate the designer-developer handoff for XAML developers, and a set of Extensions to help with jumpstarting your apps.    Following today’s announcements, with Uno Platform you will be able to develop C# and XAML applications from any operating system or browser, and deploy them to Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux and Windows.  Note: If you missed any of UnoConf 2021, you can still experience every moment. Check out the conference here. Uno Platform Extensions To help you bootstrap a new Uno Platform application and get started with proper architecture we are introducing Uno Extensions. The idea is you shouldn’t need to ever write code from scratch for commonly used functions, while retaining an option to easily extend any feature.  Microsoft has extracted a host of capabilities outside of ASP.NET and made them available through Microsoft Extensions – covering hosting, logging, configuration, etc. In turn, Uno Platform Extensions are based on Microsoft Extensions. Reactive (MVU-X) While we have ~10 extensions available, Reactive is one of the bigger ones and deserves special attention. In our

Uno Platform 3.11: Support for .NET 6 RTM, VS 2022 17.1 Preview 1

It was a busy week with 3 full days of .NET Conf – the exciting launch of .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022. The scalability, reliability, and performance of Visual Studio 2022 have all been significantly improved. On our side the first tests of Uno Platform on .NET 6 RTM are showing great performance improvements on Visual Studio 2022 across several fronts, including Android and WebAssembly. More on this at our UnoConf…. Uno Platform 3.11 release ships 160+ features and bug fixes and adds support for  .NET 6 RTM with all related improvements.   As Microsoft had announced the delay for .NET 6 support for Android and iOS, we’ve re-introduced Xamarin-based templates for Visual Studio 2022. Additionally, the support for preview .NET 6 Android and iOS has now been moved to 17.1 Preview 1. In Visual Studio 2022, you’ll find now two templates: One named Multi-Platform App (UnoPlatform|xamarin), which uses the existing stable Xamarin “Classic”. It is the same as found when using Visual Studio 2019. One named Multi-Platform App (UnoPlatform|net6), which uses the .NET 6 preview support for iOS, Android, macOS and Catalyst and requires Visual Studio 17.1 preview 1. To use this new release, you can setup your

.NET 6 New Project Templates and Minimal APIs. Are you ready?

.NET 6 marks the completion of Microsoft’s plan to unify the different .NET implementations. The unification of .NET is not simply merging code from different sources into one API. There are quite some enhancements and new features that were added to the runtime and language. You’ve got: Improved Performance Hot Reload System.Linq enhancements Minimal Web API New features in C# 10 The goal for .NET unification is to simplify the choices and learning curve for new developers, and at the same time make it easier for experienced developers. That’s why the minimal APIs for hosting and routing in web applications, and new project templates were introduced. Simplified Start-Up Code and Minimal API The .NET SDK project templates were updated to use modern C# language features and patterns such as: Top-level statements async Main Global and implicit using directives File-scoped namespaces Target-typed new expressions Nullable reference types What does this mean? When you run the command dotnet new console to create a new Console project, this is what you get. csharp Console.WriteLine(“Hello, World!”); You can add more code to Program.cs, just like you can add more statements to the Main method in the old template. You can even add functions, which will be

.NET Conf 2021, .NET 6, Uno Platform. Prizes Available!

Join Uno Platform and the .NET community at this year’s .NET Conference. Hear all about the launch of .NET 6, take part in live sessions including one from our team, and plenty of chances to win awesome prizes. .NET Conf is a free, three-day, virtual developer event happening November 9th-11th, save the date and come celebrate the major release of the .NET development platform. In addition to exciting news about what you can do with .NET 6, you’ll have a chance at amazing prize giveaways by Uno Platform and other event sponsors. As for .NET 6 support, you can expect us to ship in lock step with .NET 6, like we did with .NET 6 RC versions. For the .NET Conf annual challenge we will be gifting out a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. And for our grand prize we are giving out a DJI Mini 2 – The adult version of the RC helicopter you always wanted as kid. Keep reading to get a sneak peak into the challenge, live sessions and how you can make the most of your experience at .NET Conf.   Uno Platform Session at .NET Conf: OSS NuGet Package