Recent UWP & .NET 5, .NET 6 News and Uno Platform Plans

You might have caught the news that Microsoft will not invest in moving UWP to .NET5/6. Naturally this raised questions about how Uno Platform is affected, especially as Uno Platform also ships in lockstep with .NET.   The short answer is – this news does not change anything for our users as Uno Platform has been architected to support both UWP as well as WinUI 2.x / 3. We intend to continue this support for as long as these are supported platforms at Microsoft as it is straightforward and automatic for us to support both. For the long answer – the important part is to understand what UWP is. UWP is a combination of an app model with isolation (the sandbox) and APIs (WinUI+WinRT). Uno Platform has been all about implementing the APIs, while leaving the app model to the underlying platform.   If you’re running an Uno Platform app on iOS, Android or the Web with WebAssembly, the app will need to play along with the sandbox that the system provides.  Uno supports both the Windows.UI.Xaml (a.k.a WUX, bundled with UWP) and Microsoft.UI.Xaml (a.k.a MUX available in WinUI 2.x and WinUI 3/WinAppSDK). Uno provides support for those through the Uno.UI.* and Uno.WinUI.* NuGet packages respectively, and are built from the same source code.  If you’d like to move from WUX (UWP) to MUX (WinUI 3), and also want to take advantage of

LightningChart Introduces Uno Platform Support

  When we first thought of building dedicated application development templates for multiple frameworks, we tried to cover the ones that had the greatest potential and users could find the most helpful. Uno Platform gets the job done by allowing developers to build applications supported by multiple platforms, using a single code source, not bad right? Imagine combining LightningChart JS next generation, world’s fastest charts with this multi-platform framework and deploying it to WinUI and Android environments. It opens up a ton of possibilities for data visualization-driven applications! What is LightningChart? If you aren’t yet familiar with the library, LightningChart are advanced charting controls for desktop, web, and mobile development that are known for being the world’s fastest data visualization controls. What is special about LightningChart charting controls is the ultra-high performance and ultimate capabilities that make every chart in the library behave only at its best. The success of LightningChart is based on GPU acceleration, the highest real-time rendering performance, and the latest state-of-the-art UI interactions. Particularly, LightningChart for JavaScript is fully GPU-accelerated and has WebGL-based rendering capabilities that assist the devices’ graphic processors to be used efficiently whilst securing the highest refresh rates to produce the smoothest animations.

Native Badges Come to Progressive Web Applications

  W3C’S recent first draft publication of web badging API, a feature that was previously only available on iOS and macOS targets of Uno Platform, has finally made its way to Android and web platforms. The Badging API gives web developers a means of setting a badge on a document or application, to act as an identifier that the state has changed without displaying a more distracting notification. In this article we will share with you how Martin Zikmund, a mobile/cloud developer and Uno Platform contributor, implemented the BadgeUpdateManager API in Uno Platform WebAssembly using this new API. Web Badging API The web Badging API provides a very simple set of methods to set and clear the badge: await navigator.setAppBadge(42); // Sets the app badge to 42 await navigator.clearAppBadge(); // Clears the app badge There is also a similar set of methods setClientBadge and clearClientBadge – these are very similar, but can only be used when the app is running (whereas setAppBadge and clearAppBadge can also be utilized from service worker). It is also important to note, that the badge is only set when the app is running as PWA on the device – it will not be applied when the app is just running as a tab

One Week Until Silverlight Goes Dark, Now What?

With October 12th around the corner, Silverlight will finally reach its end of life and will no longer be receiving future quality or security updates. Even though its last version was released back in 2011 we still hear from developers with applications that have been developed and remain in use. And for anyone who is tasked to maintain one of these applications; what are the alternatives? There are several options you can consider for migrating applications from Silverlight to a supported platform for delivering Rich Internet Applications, but a viable alternative that you should consider is Uno Platform. An open source-platform that delivers on the RIA promise without any plugins needed – using only C# and familiar XAML. What is Uno Platform and why should I choose it to migrate my Silverlight application? Uno Platform is a UI platform for single-codebase applications for Windows, Web/WebAssembly, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux and though we can find 50 Reasons why Uno is an excellent choice, here are the reasons that would stand out for existing Silverlight developers amongst many others. Uno uses UWP/WinUI XAML which has a lot in common with the Silverlight version of XAML – Much of the XAML will

Uno Conference
UnoConf 2021 Cross-Platform Application Development Conference

UnoConf tickets, now available. Are you ready? We’re announcing Uno Platform’s half day, single-track, free online conference on cross-platform application development. Join an energetic community of developers, code contributors and industry experts as they come together to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. UnoConf is more than just a conference, it’s a community, a place to connect, and an opportunity for those wishing to learn more about Uno Platform. Featuring industry speakers, product announcements and live Q&A’s. UnoConf 2021 is for anyone interested in cross-platform application development for Desktop, Web and Mobile. It’s all happening virtually this November 30th. Book your UnoConf virtual ticket today to be entered into our weekly draw of 10 available prizes.  

WebAssembly App deployment
Azure Static WebApps, Azure DevOps and CDN friendliness

Azure Static WebApps is a recent service provided by Microsoft to host static files, alongside optional backend Azure Functions. A free tier is available that allows the application to be deployed quickly while integrating it with PRs validations. These features make this service a good candidate for hosting WebAssembly-based apps, which don’t need any much server-side dynamic content. There is however one feature missing, currently there is no proper way to handle application upgrades, as hosted files may become out of sync, or just plain removed when a new version of the app is deployed. This can in turn create random application failures for users who are in between versions. Uno Platform, the Uno.Wasm.Bootstrap and the Azure DevOps Artifacts Multi-Download projects are able to help when releasing the application through Azure DevOps. This set of scripts is used to deploy, the NuGet Package Explorer for WebAssembly.   The Uno Application packaging An Uno Platform application is built around the creation of an hash-based packaging, making it easy to hint that a CDN can cache files provided by the app indefinitely, except for the index.html file. The index.html file is generally set to be cached for a short period of

Uno Platform 3.10: Day-0 support for .NET 6 RC1, WinUI InfoBadge, Windows 11 Fluent Styles

We continue to evolve Uno Platform in lockstep with the latest Microsoft developer platforms and tooling. Our 3.10 release supports .NET 6 RC1, latest developments in WinUI and Windows 11 Fluent Styles (aka “Sun Valley”).  We are following developments in .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 until their general availability and look forward to bringing to you all the productivity, performance and stability benefits this latest wave of innovation from Microsoft is enabling for all of us. In addition, we closed over 150 new features and issues requested by our community and clients, as well as added 30+ samples to our documentation. Let’s unpack the release. About Uno Platform For those new to Uno Platform – it allows for creation of pixel-perfect, single-source C# and XAML apps which run natively on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Web via WebAssembly. Uno Platform is free and Open Source (Apache 2.0) and available on GitHub. .NET 6 RC1 .NET 6 RC1 contains many changes to get Android and iOS apps running better in Visual Studio. Uno Platform .NET 6 binaries are now built with RC1, and to get your machine setup, your can use uno-check as follows: dotnet tool install -g Uno.Check –version

New Uno Platform Book from Packt Publishing

Two Microsoft MVPs and Uno contributors, Marcel Wagner and Matt Lacey, teamed up to write the newest book published by Packt Publishing. Introducing: The book is available on Amazon now This book was not written in a traditional way – building one big app from chapter to chapter. Instead, authors opted to make each chapter standalone so that you can easily follow along, jump from one chapter to another, and learn about topics which interest you the most. Some knowledge of C# and XAML is required to get started with this book. Familiarity with WPF, UWP, or WinUI will be beneficial, but not a must. This is what you can expect in the book: Enhance your apps by running them on all relevant desktop and mobile operating systems and web browsers Use tools and APIs you already know to remain productive as you target new platforms Create realistic apps for various lines of business (LOBs) and consumer scenarios Understand how and why Uno Platform could be the right fit for your needs Set up your development environment for cross-platform app development with the Uno Platform and create your first Uno Platform app Find out how to create apps for different

Free eBook – Uno Platform Succinctly

One of our partners – Syncfusion – a leader in providing UI components for Microsoft developers has recently published a free eBook as part of their SUCCINCTLY book series. Syncfusion created a free library of over 170+  e-books in the Succinctly series available in PDF format. The Succinctly series was born out of a desire to provide concise technical books targeted at developers working on the Microsoft platform. The sample code from their Uno Platform book is also available on GitHub. In addition to publishing a book on Uno Platform, Syncfusion has also created a Chart library for Uno Platform applications, give them a try!   UNO PLATFORM SUCCINCTLY   OVERVIEW Uno Platform is an open-source toolkit that takes aim at the developer holy grail: true cross-platform development. Even better, its starting point is C# and XAML, giving Windows developers a much-needed bridge into the worlds of iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux. In Uno Platform Succinctly, author Ed Freitas guides readers on the essentials of working with the toolkit. In just four quick chapters, you’ll go from setting up your first Uno project in Visual Studio to a fully functioning single-page application.   TABLE OF CONTENTS Setup and Basics Solution Structure