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Skottie Now Available for SkiaSharp

Uno Platform contributed support for the Skottie component in SkiaSharp (a .NET binding for Skia). This addition now allows for any application using SkiaSharp to render Lottie animations and provide engaging user experiences on all the platforms already supported by Uno Platform. This new SkiaSharp preview update also provides support for Uno Platform WinUI targets as well as .NET 6 for Mobile What is Skottie Skottie is a Lottie Animation Player. It is a performant native player for JSON animations. It can be used on any platform where Skia is used, including Android, iOS, Linux and WebAssembly. Skottie builds upon the Lottie player widely used for animations, improving on the performance, feature set, and platform cohesiveness.  Some samples of rendering with Skia’s animation player, courtesy of community  About Uno Platform For those new to Uno Platform – it allows for the creation of pixel-perfect, single-source C# and XAML apps that run natively on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Web via WebAssembly. Uno Platform is free and Open Source (Apache 2.0) and available on GitHub. In addition to multi-platform support, Uno Platform provides Figma integration to those who want to get XAML generated right from designs. Give it a

Uno Platform Docs – 30% More Content and Updated UI

We’ve been reimagining the full scope of our Uno Platform docs to provide an improved user experience in every way. Not only did we add roughly 30% more content (if you missed it, that’s 8 Great Gatsby’s worth of new documentation!), but our technical documentation has also been revised and redesigned to improve readability. These changes allow us to offer you more extensive information, additional samples, and document new platform additions. Discover quick starts, interactive tutorials, technical documentation, code samples, and tools to help you learn how to build using Uno Platform. Get Started Our Get Started guide is the best place to get underway for creating cross-platform applications with Uno Platform. We start off by guiding you on setting up your environment no matter your preferred IDE, establishing some common issues you may run into and how you can overcome them. We’ve also made it even easier for you to get started with Uno Platform with our new VS2022 Template Wizard, which will give you the option to choose the platforms you need, ensuring you have an optimal setup for your project. If you do not select a platform at this time, you can add it back later by visiting

Uno Platform 4.3 – Figma Plugin, Uno Extensions, Material Design 3 Support, New Sample App and more

Uno Platform 4.3 is here! The focus of this release was on enhancing our Figma plugin which generates your app XAML directly from Figma designs, as well as advancing Uno Extensions to help bootstrap your apps faster.   When looking at overall productivity and speed at which applications need to be developed, organizations need to consider the full application lifecycle. The application development lifecycle starts much earlier than coding, in the UX/UI design process. Also, the application needs to be bootstrapped quickly so that all members of the development team can start building real value.  We believe that using Uno Platform and its multi-platform capabilities, in combination with Figma integration and Uno.Extensions provide an optimal solution for increasing developer productivity and reducing time to market.   To make it easy for you to learn and experience all these concepts we are unveiling a new sample app –  “Uno To Do” app – with all assets included – from its Figma design files and code which shows how Uno Platform and Uno Extensions work on mobile, desktop and Web.   Figma Plugin and Material 3 Theme Update Uno Platform plugin for Figma is how you go from high fidelity Figma designs to developer-friendly XAML

LiveCharts Announces Support for Uno Platform

Imagine combining LiveCharts2 (v2) the evolution of LiveCharts (v0) with the power of Uno Platform.  The ability to integrate beautiful, animated, automatically updated, cross-platform, object-oriented and easy-to-use charts opens a ton of possibilities for data visualization-driven applications! The LiveCharts team has been working hard at expanding support for Uno Platform and you can now integrate charts, maps, and gauges everywhere Uno Platform runs. LiveCharts2 for Uno Platform contains the following controls: Cartesian Chart Control Pie Chart Control Polar Chart Control Geo Map Control Chart Examples As of today, LiveCharts2 for Uno Platform is in a preview and is available to everyone via NuGet package for Uno. You can also visit the new website, which houses the library, and docs which are fully integrated with Uno Platform and the API explorer. Take it for a spin and see just how easy it is to get started using this brand-new suite of controls in your Uno Platform Applications LETS GET STARTED 1. Install Uno Platform Before getting started with Uno, ensure you have installed all the prerequisites, for Visual Studio you can get started here, you can find help on how to install the mentioned workloads here. 2. Create a new Uno Platform project Open visual

Uno Platform 4.2 – .NET 6 Mobile RC1, Perf Boost, 190+ Improvements

.NET 6 Mobile RC1 Support As of last week’s release of .NET 6 Mobile RC1, Uno Platform is now following the updates to ensure that you have access to the latest features provided by the .NET runtime. As per Microsoft’s announcement, the .NET 6 Mobile APIs are now considered stable for iOS, Android, and Mac Catalyst. This enables applications and libraries to be developed without having to deal with any breaking changes in future .NET Mobile releases. As Uno Platform takes a dependency on dotnet runtime, this is important as we can stabilize our own support for iOS, Android and mac Catalyst targets. Since our previous release about six weeks ago, we also made a batch of changes to fix the support for localization of iOS, macOS and Catalyst apps, based on the new behaviors of .NET 6. In total there were over 190 new features and fixes completed, around Geolocation, focus and keyboard management, Android/Skia/WebAssembly performance, and more. For those who like stats – that’s about 6 closed PRs per business day; we are definitely picking up velocity even more. As always, to upgrade to the latest bits and use .NET 6 Uno Platform app templates, you’ll need to

Scott Hanselman and Jerome Laban talk OSS, Cross-Platform and Uno Platform

Do you struggle to understand the intricacies of Uno Platform? It’s easy to waste a lot of time finding the right tools and solutions to get stuff done, especially if you find it complex and confusing. In this episode of the Hanselminutes podcast, Scott Hanselman interviews Uno Platform CTO Jerome Laban to pull back the curtain on the philosophies of Uno Platform and the complexities of writing once and running everywhere. Also on the menu, Jérôme and Scott discuss powerful information such as the use of WebAssembly, Microsoft APIs, different rendering possibilities, WinRT, the relationship with Microsoft, and finally how Uno Platforms manages to sustain open-source. If you want to be sure you understand everything happening with Uno Platform and how it improves the cycle of development for cross-platform apps, don’t miss this episode! About Uno Platform For those new to Uno Platform – it allows for creation of pixel-perfect, single-source C# and XAML apps which run natively on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Web via WebAssembly. Uno Platform is free and Open Source (Apache 2.0) and available on GitHub. Listen to the Full Podcast Next Steps If you haven’t heard about Uno Platform before, we strongly recommend trying out

MVPs – Uno Platform Thanks You!

Thanks to all who contribute to the success of this community. This week is the MVP summit and on behalf of the complete Uno Platform team, we wanted to use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of you who have contributed to Uno Platform over the years. As a thank you for your contributions, we are making a small contribution to 23 Open-Source projects and/or maintainers in .NET open-source developer ecosystem. Why 23 you may ask? It’s just a small ‘throw-back’ to the fact 23 MVPs contributed to Uno Platform GitHub Repo. We are listing here the contributors to Uno Platform GitHub repository as it is relatively easy for us to ensure no MVP got missed by looking at the contributor list 😊 But, equally important to Uno Platform’s success are those of you who have invited us to your local user group and podcasts, or have helped on our forums and Discord, as well as written blog posts about us. All that help is greatly appreciated and helps keep us going. THANK YOU ALL! Enjoy the MVP Summit! MVP Contributors Alvin AshcraftAndrew HoeflingArlo GodfreyBrian LagunasConnor ParkDan SiegelDaniel CauserDaren MayGeoffrey HuntleyJames CroftJeremy SinclairJerome LabanJim WilcoxKenzie Whalen-DunnMarcel

NuGet Package Explorer Update: 30k users, 22% not on Windows. One new feature!

Last year our team contributed to the famous NuGet Package Explorer (NPE) open-source project by helping port its Windows-only application to Web using Uno Platform. The goal of the migration was to enable non-Windows users to also be able to use NPE on their preferred operating system. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please see To measure how effective we were in reaching the goal, and to help evolve NPE better, we also hooked NPE to .NET Foundation’s Azure Subscription using Azure Static Web Apps and Azure Front Door—a fantastic example of how the .NET Foundation can help and support its member projects. Today, 22% of developers using NuGet Package explorer are coming from non-Windows platforms (and from some surprising ones). Also, we discovered a new feature that needs enabling, which is what we are doing today too! Usage Statistics First, let’s look at the overall usage. The sample data is for the past 90 days to calculate weekly averages. We were incredibly happy to see nearly 30,000 Monthly Active Users for NPE!   Looking at telemetry, 22% of the users come from non-Windows operating systems – goal accomplished! An interesting insight is that even on Windows, a lot

Uno Platform 4.1 Update for .NET 6 Mobile Preview 14

The .NET team has been steadily releasing a set of updates to the .NET 6 Mobile previews. Last week’s update was Preview 14, which came at just about the same time as Uno Platform 4.1 release. Following .NET 6 mobile Preview 14, we’re publishing the Uno Platform 4.1.9 service update.  This update includes a new set of binary breaking changes added in .NET 6 Mobile Preview 14, which requires the use of Visual Studio 17.2 Preview 2. If you update to Visual Studio 17.2 Preview 2, you will need to be on Uno Platform 4.1.9 or later.  To use this new preview in Uno Platform projects, you’ll need a few steps:  Update to the latest uno-check preview dotnet tool update -g uno.check –version 1.2.0-dev.10 and then run uno-check –pre Update your NuGet packages to Uno.UI.* 4.1.9 or create a new project from the templates If you’re building on a mac, either directly or through VS for Windows, you’ll need to run uno-check on the mac as well. Make sure that your Visual Studio 2022 Uno Platform extensions are updated to 4.1.9 (it should be automatically updated) Note that if you intend to build for iOS, Xcode 13.3 is required and that this version