DotNetConf 2022 – Three days of .NET Everything – .NET 7, Uno Platform and more

Every year we look forward to November, which means .NET Conf is around the corner, a chance for the .NET community and contributors to get together and share knowledge, learning, tips, and some good times. This year is no different as we look ahead to the largest virtual .NET conference. Join the .NET community on November 8th-10th at .NET 7 has in store, the newest developments across the .NET platform, including open source and dev tools, and fantastic live sessions, including one from our very own CTO Jerome Laban.

As for .NET 7 support, you can expect us to ship in lockstep with .NET 7.

.NET Conf 2022 – Decoder Challenge

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Now you need to move on to the next clue provided by other sponsors until you get them all. Once you have all the letters and you, decode the word or phrase, head to DotNetConf’t secret decoder challenge and complete the form with your answers. You will be entered to win one of 9 awesome prizes provided by all the sponsors. 

.NET Conf Challenge Prizes

.NET Conf is the time to celebrate .NET Community. Like in previous years, we are providing numerous other prizes in addition to the DJI drone we are providing for the secret decoder challenge; such as Getting Started with the Uno Platform and WinUI 3: Hands-On Building of Cross-Platform Desktop, Mobile, and Web Applications That Can Run Anywhere and $250 Amazon Gift Certificates for ‘.NET Conf SWAG bags. Please see this page on how to participate in all the side activities related to .NET Conf.

Uno Platform Session: Performance Benefits of .NET 7 for Web Applications

Thursday, November 10th, 2022 – 5:30 pm EDT

We are most excited about .NET WebAssembly Exceptions and Threading support in .NET 7. Enabling WebAssembly exceptions in your projects allows your code to stay entirely in WebAssembly for exception handling, improving the performance as expensive JavaScript/Wasm boundary crossing is avoided. Also, the generated code size is smaller. In addition, Threading allows your Web Apps to perform expensive tasks off the UI thread and avoid freezing the UI.

See how our clients have been able to experience a 30%+ performance increase compared to the speedy .NET 6, and see how even Microsoft uses Uno Platform to power Windows Community Toolkit Labs, all using C# and XAML on the web.

About Uno Platform

For those new to Uno Platform – it allows for creation of pixel-perfect, single-source C# and XAML apps which run natively on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Web via WebAssembly. Uno Platform is free and Open Source (Apache 2.0) and available on GitHub.

Next Steps

To upgrade to the latest release of Uno Platform, please update your packages to 4.5 via your Visual Studio NuGet package manager! If you are new to Uno Platform, the best way to get started is to follow our official getting started guide. (5 min to complete)


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