Migrating from desktop-based applications to the Web with Uno Platform is reasonably straight forward. The important thing is to first perform your research, think about how your current application was built and look at your existing architecture so you can come up with a roadmap for moving forward.

When thinking about migrating a codebase, there are three things to think about:

• Maximizing the reuse of the code.
• Refresh where it makes sense so you can exploit new capabilities.
• Rewrite as little as possible.

In this session recording from UnoConf 2021, Daren walks through migration concerns, key aspects of reuse, the importance of research and then look at key aspects of XAML compatibility on migrating your application over to the Uno Platform. The Uno Platform’s application API is compatible with the UWP API as well as WinUI 3 and it’s important to understand the capabilities of each of those platforms.


The key takeaway here is to understand what is supported before you dive in and start building. We hope Darren’s session gives you some general guidelines for starting WPF migration with Uno Platform. Consider it an insight to some of the capabilities that are available using WebAssembly with the Uno Platform. But it is by no means an extensive guideline for migration. However, in addition to his session you can dig into the documentation: there’s a lot there that talks about how to get started, how-to’s and supported 3rd-party libraries. In addition, as it is such a big and important topic, we will be expanding WPF migration documentation in the coming weeks and months.

Official Migration Doc

If you need more support or want a deeper level of support beyond our free community support on Discord, we offer several paid support options depending on your team size and project needs.

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