New Uno Platform Book from Packt Publishing

Two Microsoft MVPs and Uno contributors, Marcel Wagner and Matt Lacey, teamed up to write the newest book published by Packt Publishing. Introducing:

The book is available on Amazon now

This book was not written in a traditional way – building one big app from chapter to chapter. Instead, authors opted to make each chapter standalone so that you can easily follow along, jump from one chapter to another, and learn about topics which interest you the most.

Some knowledge of C# and XAML is required to get started with this book. Familiarity with WPF, UWP, or WinUI will be beneficial, but not a must. This is what you can expect in the book:

  • Enhance your apps by running them on all relevant desktop and mobile operating systems and web browsers
  • Use tools and APIs you already know to remain productive as you target new platforms
  • Create realistic apps for various lines of business (LOBs) and consumer scenarios
  • Understand how and why Uno Platform could be the right fit for your needs
  • Set up your development environment for cross-platform app development with the Uno Platform and create your first Uno Platform app
  • Find out how to create apps for different business scenarios
  • Discover how to combine technologies and controls to accelerate development
  • Go beyond the basics and create ‘world-ready’ applications
  • Gain the confidence and experience to use Uno Platform in your own real world projects

Thank you Matt and Marcelo for putting in the time to write such a great book! For anyone wishing to get started with Uno Platform ahead of reading the book, please see our official Getting Started 5-min tutorial. Also, check out other available Uno Platform training options.


Uno Platform team


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