Deploying C# Web Applications with Docker

This article covers Creating and running a Docker image Adding an image to a container registry Pulling an image from a container registry Accessing the properties of a container Imagine a scenario where you’ve created a web application, be it built with ASP.NET Core or the Uno Platform for WebAssembly, for example, and it’s now time to hand it over to the Operations team so it can be made available to the world. The operations team at your company are a great bunch of people but this isn’t your first time creating a web application. You know there are always issues to work out before the product is finally deployed and working. Everything always seems to work fine on your machine but when deploying, for the first time especially, it seems like there’s always some configuration that you forgot about. It’s not until after a series of conversations that things finally start working in production. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just give the operations team a package of some sort and your web application just works? No more time lost trying to remember how you originally set up your environment or digging through the logs trying to determine