Uno Platform 4.7 – New Project Template, Performance Improvements and more

Our first release of 2023 is ready and brings over 230 new features and bug fixes, most notably introducing a new project template, improving performance across all platforms supported by Uno Platform and Shared Fonts. The New Project Template is especially exciting as it helps us set up a wave of innovation for 2023, where we plan to make you super productive in building with .NET. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about exciting new releases coming VERY soon. Especially exciting for us is the share of contributions we had from the community during this release; thank you all for contributing! New Project Template Uno Platform 4.7 brings an updated solution template without using a Shared project. In our 2023 Community Survey, we’ve heard the community feedback about this aspect of our templates being commonly confusing. Thank you for bringing this forward so vocally! Here’s a high-level look at a solution: In this updated solution template, the “Shared Project” is replaced by a regular cross-platform library containing all user code files. This also implies that package references can be included in a single location without the previous need to include those in all project heads. As a bonus,

Uno Platform 4.6: Hello .NET 7!

Today we are announcing support for .NET 7. Our sixth release of 2022 is a massive step towards creating the most productive platform for building .NET-based applications which run everywhere.  Our end-to-end application development story is increasingly converging. Of course, using only one of the parts, such as our core UI work, will speed up your cross-platform development. But the productivity gain resulting from using all Uno Platform pieces – across UI, Figma, Extensions, and Toolkit is significantly more extensive than the sum of its individual productivity boosts.   Let’s dig into the highlights: .NET 7 support, Library Assets, SVG Support, Android 13, the new WebAssembly Bootstrap 7.0, and ASP.NET Core Hosting Project. For a detailed list of over 200 PRs, please head to our release notes on GitHub.  .NET 7 and Visual Studio 17.4 Support We’ve been closely monitoring and contributing to .NET 7 preview releases and keeping compatibility in lockstep with its advancement. Given our compatibility with .NET 7 RC 2 and RC 2 quality overall, we can confidently say Uno Platform will support .NET 7 on November 8th, when it launches.  .NET 7 is often described as ‘the fastest .NET yet.’ We couldn’t agree more. Developers are using

Uno Platform 4.5: Uno Islands, 4 New Controls, Linux Framebuffer and MUCH more

The fifth release of 2022 brings innovation across all pillars of Uno Platform: UI, Toolkit, Extensions, and Tooling.   In the process of this release, we implemented 230 features and bug fixes, as well as welcomed four new contributors to our open-source project. Thank you! For those who want to jump into it, please update your Uno Platform NuGet package to the latest.  It’s a massive release, so for those who are in a rush, here is the TL: DR version: We added:  A significant new feature – Uno Islands to help you modernize apps  Increased the breadth of our existing Linux support  Four new or refactored WinUI controls and brand new pull-to-refresh  Super easy way to Authenticate users with MSAL, OIDC, Web, and Custom authentication providers via Uno.Extensions  Boosted Reactive extension  Added SafeArea, Input, Status Bar, TabBarItem Extensions, and Badge support as part of Uno Toolkit  We released Preview 3 of our Uno Platform for Figma toolkit with more customization options and performance updates.   Uno.UI Uno Islands One of the release’s highlights is Uno Islands, allowing you to quickly modernize your existing WPF applications with the latest developments in Microsoft’s newest Windows UI tech – WinUI (WinAppSDK).  Uno Platform’s support

Uno Platform 4.4 – Wasm Threading+Exception Handling, Rich Animations, GamePad APIs and more

Over 90 improvements in this release! Uno Platform 4.4 is our 4th release in 2022, keeping us on a once-in-six-weeks rapid release schedule we aim for. The release packs numerous UI and performance improvements across all target platforms. First, on the UI side you’ll be able to produce beautiful fluid animations on .NET Android, .NET iOS and Skia-based targets, as well as increase high-fidelity renderings of all your texts on Skia-based targets. Second, on the performance side we are including support for the most recent WebAssembly advances available in .NET 7 – Wasm Threading and Exception handling. Lastly, we also enabled new input scenarios via GamePad API support and improved the default project templates. In total we have implemented and resolved over 90 new feature requests and issues. Let’s unpack it together. About Uno Platform For those new to Uno Platform – it allows for creation of pixel-perfect, single-source C# and XAML apps which run natively on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Web via WebAssembly. It offers Figma integration for design-development handoff, and a set of extensions to bootstrap your projects. Uno Platform is free and Open Source (Apache 2.0) and available on GitHub. Fluid Animations via Skottie Integration We already blogged

Uno Platform 4.3 – Figma Plugin, Uno Extensions, Material Design 3 Support, New Sample App and more

Uno Platform 4.3 is here! The focus of this release was on enhancing our Figma plugin which generates your app XAML directly from Figma designs, as well as advancing Uno Extensions to help bootstrap your apps faster.   When looking at overall productivity and speed at which applications need to be developed, organizations need to consider the full application lifecycle. The application development lifecycle starts much earlier than coding, in the UX/UI design process. Also, the application needs to be bootstrapped quickly so that all members of the development team can start building real value.  We believe that using Uno Platform and its multi-platform capabilities, in combination with Figma integration and Uno.Extensions provide an optimal solution for increasing developer productivity and reducing time to market.   To make it easy for you to learn and experience all these concepts we are unveiling a new sample app –  “Uno To Do” app – with all assets included – from its Figma design files and code which shows how Uno Platform and Uno Extensions work on mobile, desktop and Web.   Figma Plugin and Material 3 Theme Update Uno Platform plugin for Figma is how you go from high fidelity Figma designs to developer-friendly XAML

Uno Platform 4.2 – .NET 6 Mobile RC1, Perf Boost, 190+ Improvements

.NET 6 Mobile RC1 Support As of last week’s release of .NET 6 Mobile RC1, Uno Platform is now following the updates to ensure that you have access to the latest features provided by the .NET runtime. As per Microsoft’s announcement, the .NET 6 Mobile APIs are now considered stable for iOS, Android, and Mac Catalyst. This enables applications and libraries to be developed without having to deal with any breaking changes in future .NET Mobile releases. As Uno Platform takes a dependency on dotnet runtime, this is important as we can stabilize our own support for iOS, Android and mac Catalyst targets. Since our previous release about six weeks ago, we also made a batch of changes to fix the support for localization of iOS, macOS and Catalyst apps, based on the new behaviors of .NET 6. In total there were over 190 new features and fixes completed, around Geolocation, focus and keyboard management, Android/Skia/WebAssembly performance, and more. For those who like stats – that’s about 6 closed PRs per business day; we are definitely picking up velocity even more. As always, to upgrade to the latest bits and use .NET 6 Uno Platform app templates, you’ll need to

Uno Platform 4.1 Update for .NET 6 Mobile Preview 14

The .NET team has been steadily releasing a set of updates to the .NET 6 Mobile previews. Last week’s update was Preview 14, which came at just about the same time as Uno Platform 4.1 release. Following .NET 6 mobile Preview 14, we’re publishing the Uno Platform 4.1.9 service update.  This update includes a new set of binary breaking changes added in .NET 6 Mobile Preview 14, which requires the use of Visual Studio 17.2 Preview 2. If you update to Visual Studio 17.2 Preview 2, you will need to be on Uno Platform 4.1.9 or later.  To use this new preview in Uno Platform projects, you’ll need a few steps:  Update to the latest uno-check preview dotnet tool update -g uno.check –version 1.2.0-dev.10 and then run uno-check –pre Update your NuGet packages to Uno.UI.* 4.1.9 or create a new project from the templates If you’re building on a mac, either directly or through VS for Windows, you’ll need to run uno-check on the mac as well. Make sure that your Visual Studio 2022 Uno Platform extensions are updated to 4.1.9 (it should be automatically updated) Note that if you intend to build for iOS, Xcode 13.3 is required and that this version

Uno Platform 4.1 – 30% Perf Boost, Android 12, .NET 6 Mobile Preview 13 and more

It has been just over 3 months since our 4.0 release, and we’ve used that time to focus on performance as well as bringing the latest .NET 6 innovation to Uno Platform. By simply updating your application to the newest bits you will notice a significant boost to your app performance. This release packs over 200 new feature requests, bugs, and issues you raised. We welcomed a few great contributions from our community, which is now over 210 contributors strong! Thanks for all you bring to Uno Platform. Let’s unpack the 4.1 release. Performance updates For this release, we’ve made numerous changes to a wide range of parts from the Uno Platform, such as Style resolution, layout and measure pass performance, memory consumption and allocations which result in up to 30% performance improvements in some scenarios. Measure Dirty Path The measure pass (MeasureOverride and InvalidateMeasure) is an important contributor to the computations performed to layout the UI, and any optimization performed in this area can significantly improve the time to show the first UI or improve binding update. We’ve changed the way MeasureOverride is invoked when InvalidateMeasure is called, where previously all ancestors of a control would be re-executing MeasureOverride,

Announcing Uno Platform 4-0. Four Major Components Added

Four platform additions for speeding up application development announced: Visual Studio Code and Figma integration, Uno Platform Extensions and UI Toolkit.   Today, at UnoConf, we announced Uno Platform 4.0 which marks major new expansion to the platform, and an introduction of a set of new productivity tooling for Visual Studio Code users, a Toolkit of multiplatform-first components, a Figma plugin to eliminate the designer-developer handoff for XAML developers, and a set of Extensions to help with jumpstarting your apps.    Following today’s announcements, with Uno Platform you will be able to develop C# and XAML applications from any operating system or browser, and deploy them to Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux and Windows.  Note: If you missed any of UnoConf 2021, you can still experience every moment. Check out the conference here. Uno Platform Extensions To help you bootstrap a new Uno Platform application and get started with proper architecture we are introducing Uno Extensions. The idea is you shouldn’t need to ever write code from scratch for commonly used functions, while retaining an option to easily extend any feature.  Microsoft has extracted a host of capabilities outside of ASP.NET and made them available through Microsoft Extensions – covering hosting, logging, configuration, etc. In turn, Uno Platform Extensions are based on Microsoft Extensions. Reactive (MVU-X) While we have ~10 extensions available, Reactive is one of the bigger ones and deserves special attention. In our