We are proud to have been featured on Channel 9 Visual Studio Toolbox show with Robert Green. In case you missed it, here is a quick summary. For all new to Uno, this is a great way to get to know it – straight from Uno CTO – Jerome Laban, as well as one of the key Uno community contributors – Martin Zikmund. Enjoy!


In Uno Platform – Behind the Scenes episode, Robert is joined by Jerome Laban, CTO of the Uno Platform. Back in December, we showed you how you can use Uno to build mobile, desktop and Web Assembly apps using C# and XAML. Jerome provides a behind the scenes look and how (and why) the Uno Platform was created, the decision to open source it and how it is maintained. He gives more insight into how it actually works and shows some new features that have been added since the previous episodes – items like WebAssembly Ahead of Time compilation (AOT), XAML Hot Reload, Uno Platform rendering options (pixel-perfect custom approach, or native approach) and a hint at upcoming MacOS support.


In Uno Platform Part 1 episode, Robert is joined by Martin Zikmund, one of the key community contributors to Uno Platform who introduces us to the Uno Platform. Martin shows how you can take a UWP / WinUI app and compile it to run not only on Windows 10, but also on mobile devices and the Web with Uno Platform.


In Uno Platform Part 2 episode, Robert is again joined by Martin Zikmund, who continues exploring the Uno Platform. Last week, Martin introduced us to Uno. This week, he shows a number of interesting demos, including Uno Calculator, which is based on the open sourced Windows 10 Calculator, and Hot Reload working in the browser! Also, he shows how you can use 3rd party controls from Syncfusion to add Charts to your Uno apps.  He also explains more about what is going on under the covers when you run an app built with Uno.


If you are new to the Uno Platform, you may want to run through the Getting Started tutorial. This will ensure you have the correct environment set up and that you have the latest release of Uno.  Of course, we will be blogging more about AOT, Uno Platform and .NET / Visual Studio – so please stay tuned to our blogs and subscribe to Uno Platform blog RSS

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