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Uno Platform Placed in Early Majority per InfoQ .NET Trend Report 2022

InfoQ included Uno Platform in its latest report titled “InfoQ .NET Trends Report 2022”.

Toolkit Labs is now the second developer tooling, open-source community project ported to web using Uno Platform, in addition to NuGet Package Explorer we announced last year.

Why Is This Important?

InfoQ is one of the most influential IT publications that follows the wider industry and reports on the most significant developments to provide quality insights into the world of the wider IT ecosystem. Every month InfoQ attracts over 4 million IT professionals, a testament to the quality of the content it provides.

For this report, InfoQ used methodology for “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore. For those unfamiliar with it, “Crossing the Chasm” describes the stages of development that each new technology needs to go through to get from its inception to mainstream usage.

Let’s quickly describe each step of the journey and the characteristics of the audience it attracts. As you read this, look at the characteristics of each group to see if you recognize yourself. Are you or your organization an early adopter, late follower, or something in between? It would take too long to summarize the whole book in a single blog, so I will borrow and augment the most relevant parts of Chris Stoneman’s summary of the book in order to explain why this is important to us, and potentially to you.

Innovators/tech enthusiasts love tech for its own sake, pursue new technology products aggressively, and actively search for new features. They don’t need much incentive, and their risk tolerance is relatively high.

Early adopters, /the Visionaries: want a breakthrough, not incremental improvement. They buy into new product concepts very early in the life cycle, but unlike innovators, they are not technologists. Instead, they match new tech with strategic opportunities.

Early majority / the Pragmatists are driven by a sense of practicality. Risk is negative, with the potential to waste time and money. They believe many new products pass as fads, so they wait and see what others do before they jump in. They spend time communicating narrowly within only their industry. (Reminder, this is where Uno Platform was placed)

Late majority / the Conservatives are not comfortable buying into the new thing. They wait for an established standard before trialing. Ultimately, they desire to stay relevant, so they eventually adopt.

Laggards / the Skeptics, are not interested in new technology.

This brings back the question of why this report is important to Uno Platform and its adoption.

Firstly, to us as a team, it is a great signal that we are on the right path, and it gives us vital energy to continue innovating.  

Secondly, InfoQ has followed Uno Platform since its open-sourcing four years ago and has followed its development stages. InfoQ has seen sufficient evidence and interest from the “Early Majority” group to give us such ranking. We are happy to have demonstrated our innovative tech stack maturity in the market via our sustainability plan and client deployments.  If you look at the characteristics of ‘the pragmatist group, they bet on ‘safe’ technologies that will stick around for a long time. Therefore, those looking to adopt Uno Platform who may belong to the early majority, or even the ‘conservatives’ and ‘late majority, will be reassured to see Uno Platform being adopted by “the pragmatists” and consider faster Uno Platform adoption themselves.

What characterizes you or your organization when it comes to adopting new technologies?

About Uno Platform

For those new to Uno Platform – it allows for creation of pixel-perfect, single-source C# and XAML apps which run natively on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Web via WebAssembly. It offers Figma integration for design-development handoff, and a set of extensions to bootstrap your projects. Uno Platform is free and Open Source (Apache 2.0) and available on GitHub.

Sasha Krsmanovic,

CMO, Uno Platform

Next Steps

To upgrade to the latest release of Uno Platform, please update your packages to 4.5 via your Visual Studio NuGet package manager! If you are new to Uno Platform, the best way to get started is to follow our official getting started guide. (5 min to complete)


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