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Uno Figma Plugin’s Gift of Custom Fonts and Refreshed UI

In the spirit of the holidays, we are happy to gift a minor update to our Uno Figma plugin. To continue giving you greater flexibility and control of your app’s design, the plugin now supports custom font management so that you can align your designs with your brand’s distinctive typography.

We’ve also refreshed our plugin’s user interface, enhancing the overall interaction for a more intuitive and enjoyable experience.

And there’s more! We’ve updated our plugin documentation, making it easier to start, follow along effortlessly, and generate the precise code you need from your designs.

Custom Fonts

We’re extending our support to include custom font management, so you can now use any font with the material toolkit document. If your company has its own branded font, for example, you can now use it in your app, and the plugin renders the font in your live preview and exports code for it, both in C# markup and XAML.

Updated UI Design

We’ve given the user interface a facelift, focusing on ensuring your experience is seamless and easy. When you first dive in,  you’ll notice its clean and modern look. We’ve revamped the navigation bar for improved intuitiveness and enhanced the footers, settings, and properties tabs, allowing you to navigate effortlessly.

Settings Tab

We’ve adjusted the settings tab to include choices for C# markup. You also now have the flexibility to enable different extensions, such as navigation, if your app requires it, and the option to opt for using the MVUX pattern.

Better Docs

Our plugin documentation has undergone significant improvements, focusing on enhancing the overall user experience. We’ve prioritized readability, ensuring that information is presented in a clear and accessible manner. The ‘getting started’ guides have been restructured, offering a more organized and user-friendly approach to assist users in navigating and understanding the plugin.

Next Steps

Experience Uno Platform for Figma by diving into our Simple Calc tutorial. Discover how to construct your app using either C# markup or XAML, and seamlessly import your Figma-built UI into Visual Studio

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