Pixel Perfect Rendering. Native Performance.

Same Look on All Platforms

By default, Uno uses UWP/WinUI platform 2D directives to draw the UI. Essentially, we strip native controls of their chrome, to keep their behaviors exclusively and draw everything.

Lookless controls allow for implementing any custom design.

For example, a button will use the original UWP/WinUI style to draw the same look-and-feel button on desktop, mobile and web platforms you target.

Uno Platform does the heavy lifting for pixel-perfect look depending on targeted platforms. It will use either the underlying platform 2D primitives to render same UI everywhere or use Skia to draw every pixel. In either case, for you as a developer, this is a seamless process.

Platform Specific Look

Uno Platform will give you as a developer an option to use a native buttons on iOS and Android. This enables tighter integration with the operating system when needed.

Uno Platform uses XAML styling to easily target native controls if desired, on each individual control on screen.