Skill and Code Reuse

Productivity Boost from decades of investment in Windows and Visual Studio

Visual Studio (Windows, Mac), Visual Studio Code and JetBrains Rider

Visual Studio (all target platforms), Visual Studio Code (WebAssembly target only)

Reuse 100% of your UWP, WPF, Silverlight and WinUI Knowledge

If you ever used C#, XAML you will feel at home.

The ramp up time is minimal, and you can take advantage of all that the Visual Studio ecosystem has to offer from tooling to training.

Multi-Target XAML Hot Reload

Available on iOS, Android and WebAssembly the XAML Hot reload allows you to modify the XAML displayed in a running application, in order to iterate faster on UI changes and Data Binding updates. Makes the inner developer loop faster making you more efficient and productive. Read More

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Enjoy the productivity of pre-built environments which save precious time to start developing and testing an application. Go from reviewing pull requests that take hours, to mere minutes. Read More

Windows Community Toolkit

Reuse all Windows Community Toolkit controls such as DataGrid and TabView to build your Uno Platform-based apps on Web, Mobile and Desktop.

XAML Controls Gallery

XAML for UI is a mature and well documented technology – you’ll always find an example suiting your needs, be it from XAML Controls Gallery or community blogs, which often *just work* in Uno Platform.


Utilize the time tested, proven patterns and development practices to create your Uno Platform based applications.

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Out-of-the-Box PWA Support

If Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is your deployment strategy for mobile apps, then through Uno Platform support for WebAssembly you can have that option too.

Lookless Controls

With lookless controls the functionality of the control  is contained in a class file and the look and feel is implemented in XAML. This gives you great control on how to pixel-perfect render your UI, explained in more depth at our rendering page.

Responsiveness Out of the box

Form factor is no longer a big issue to you – by leveraging Uno Platform your apps will run and display and scale correctly on all screen sizes by default. As assets are automatically retargeted, this reduces the pressure on your designers for providing different assets for each platform.


Utilize Selenium for Web/WebAssembly and Xamarin.UI Test and AppCenter for Mobile testing.

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Out-of-the-Box support for ReactiveUI making it easy for you to maintain your UI project in a Reactive way.

XAML Edit & Continue

In addition to Hot Reload, Uno Platform also offers support for XAML edit and continue, which lets you to i.e. edit the code, set new properties or add new code and run, without having to restart the program

C# Edit and Continue

Save time with C# Edit and Continue is which lets you make changes to your source code while your program is in break mode, allowing you to debug in live session as opposed to recompiling the entire project.

3rd party support

3rd party support

In addition to the controls you can reuse from WinUI / UWP and Windows Community Toolkit, third-party controls are available from Infragistics, Syncfusion and Lightning Charts.

3rd party support