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Uno Platform for Surface Duo and Surface Neo

Surface Duo is an Android device, and Surface Neo is a Windows 10X device. This is the cross-platform scenario Uno Platform has been solving for a long time and when SDKs and emulators were released, Uno Platform apps automatically worked on Surface emulators.

How It Works

The Uno Platform philosophy is to replicate the WinUI and Windows APIs everywhere. Uno Platform support for Surface devices is based on WinUI TwoPaneView control, which is a Windows 10 specific control providing ability to layout content in two panes, but it also reacts and layout your content well on dual screen devices. It behaves like a dual ContentControl, based on a set of parameters such as Pane length, tall and wide configuration modes and pane priorities to display content based on the available window space. It can be useful when dealing with orientation changes, in windowed modes, or snap/split screen scenarios.

Hinge angle sensor for Uno Platform dual-screen apps

A unique feature and key developer consideration when developing for Surface Neo and Duo devices is the hinge angle sensor. When combined with the TwoPaneView you can write your C# applications only once and using Uno Platform you can run them on both devices with zero code changed.

Get Started

Sample app

To showcase the cross-platform API, see this sample app on GitHub by one of our community contributors – Martin Zikmund.

Real-World Implementation

Uno community member Ian Bebbington has put together an app called COduo to help users in the UK understand the environmental impact of their energy usage

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