Uno Calculator:

Windows calculator on all operating systems!

We ported the open source Windows Calculator to Android, iOS , macOS, Web and even Linux! This is a great proof of concept for the level of code reusability you can achieve with Uno Platform across Web, Desktop and Mobile.

90’s Code on 2020’s Devices

To demonstrate Uno Platform’s UI cross-platform capabilities, we took the Windows Calculator, an application written in C++ and C over 30 years ago and made it available to all modern-day operating systems.

Note* 1990’s code and architecture aren’t easily modifiable to 2020’s devices, so you may experience initial load time that is slower than typical Uno Platform-built applications.

Simple yet Powerful Features

Experience Uno Calculator On
iOS & Android
Uno Calculator on iOS and Android

For pixel-perfect UI and native performance, Uno Platform utilizes .NET, or more precisely Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Droid (not Xamarin.Forms) along with Lookless Controls to run XAML and C# on iOS and Android.

Uno Platform 5.2 – True Single Project, enhanced Skia renderers, Multi Window and .NET 9 support , and more! See what’s new