Implementing a Skeleton Loader in Uno Platform

🕓 4 MIN In this blog post, I will show you how to create a simple skeleton loader for your Uno Platform applications. The Skeleton loader is a method of loading content in mobile apps that utilizes a visual placeholder user interface resembling the shape of the loaded content. This approach significantly contributes to enhancing the user experience […]

Figma to XAML: View Hierarchy, UniformGridLayout and Background Images

🕓 5 MIN We are thrilled to showcase the latest features of Preview 6 of our Figma plugin. One of the most significant additions is the View Hierarchy, which allows for enhanced control over your design elements. Let’s delve into all the new features this update brings. Hierarchical Views: Nested User Controls, and Page Types The new View […]

Xamarin Forms Migration to Uno Platform: Data Binding Techniques

🕓 8 MIN In the latest of our regular series on migration, we will delve into the glue which holds your UI and business logic together – data binding. The tutorial demonstrates how to leverage Uno Platform to expand the reach of your existing C# WinUI 3 application across native mobile, web, and desktop platforms while reusing the […]

Tutorial: Expand the Reach of your Existing C# WinUI 3 App

Building a simple photo viewer

🕓 3 MIN   If you’ve created a simple photo viewer app using WinUI 3 and want to reach more users without rewriting your app, this new tutorial recently added to Microsoft Docs is for you. The tutorial demonstrates how to leverage Uno Platform to expand the reach of your existing C# WinUI 3 application across native mobile, […]

Boosting Developer Experience: Algolia Search Powers Uno Platform Docs

🕓 3 MIN Based on your feedback, we’ve been ramping up our efforts to boost our documentation site. We’ve been busy adding fresh content and creating helpful tutorials, and we’re excited to announce our newest addition: Algolia Search is now seamlessly integrated into our docs. Finding what you need has never been easier! In this blog post, […]

Tutorial: Cloud-based Backend Integration with Azure Mobile Apps

🕓 3 MIN Microsoft Docs recently received a valuable addition from our own Nick Randolph—a step-by-step tutorial that demonstrates the creation of a cloud-based backend service for an Uno Platform Android mobile app. By leveraging Azure Mobile Apps and an Azure mobile app backend, developers can follow along and build a Todo list app with seamless data storage […]

Easily Add Maps to Your Cross-Platform .NET Apps. MAPSUI Adds Support for Uno Platform

🕓 3 MIN This morning open-source project MAPSUI announced its 4.0 release and official support for Uno Platform and other .NET UI frameworks. In this blog post, we’ll provide a sample application on how to integrate MAPSUI to cross-platform .NET applications built with Uno Platform. In addition, we will highlight MAPSUI’s key features and how it enhances the […]

Xamarin Forms Migration to Uno Platform: Effects and Alternative Approaches

🕓 8 MIN   In our previous post on Xamarin Forms migration, we explored the use of custom renderers, which enable the integration of native controls within Xamarin Forms. Building upon that, this article delves into the concept of Effects, a valuable tool for making smaller customizations to native controls. We will also explore how Uno Platform while […]

Tutorial: Integrating ChatGPT Model in a Cross-platform .NET Application

🕓 4 MIN In this blog, we delve into the fascinating realm of AI and embedding ChatGPT APIs into .NET applications. We start by laying the foundation with the essential steps of ChatGPT integration in a .NET C# environment. From there, we will guide you in developing an Uno Platform application that integrates immersive text-based communication experiences that […]

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