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When the Uno Platform Team had the vision of WinUI Everywhere, the promise extended beyond desktop, mobile and web applications.

In this first of three part blog series & documentation contribution, Pete Gallagher, a Microsoft MVP takes us through building a cloud connected Raspberry Pi GUI app to perform some straightforward GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) operations. By setting up our Raspberry Pi to launch a “Hello World” Uno Platform Application we could demonstrate the possibilities of UWP running on low-power Linux devices, such as home appliances, car dashboard and thermometers.

You can see the full tutorial on how-to Get Started with Uno Platform and the Raspberry Pi here. In the next guide, we’ll look at how we can create a UI and some code to control the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi to read the status of Buttons and turn on and off LEDs.

And while we have you here – on November 30th we will be hosting our 3rd annual UnoConf – make sure you register – www.UnoConf.com 

Thanks a lot Pete for contributing this article to Uno Platform documentation! Community FTW!.

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