Our Uno Platform 4.0 release brought with it a lot of updates and fixes to the platform but most importantly it also allowed us to unveil a series of productivity tooling and extensions that drastically help bring your app to market faster. One of those tools introduced was Uno Extensions, simply put, it allows you get started without having to write code from scratch, getting you to a fully functional project in minutes and saving you months of development time.

Microsoft has extracted a host of capabilities outside of ASP.NET and made them available through Microsoft Extensions – covering hosting, logging, configuration, etc. In turn, Uno Platform Extensions are based on those Microsoft Extensions.

To get a better understanding of Uno Extensions and how you can utilize them in your workflow, MVP and Uno Contributor Nick Randolph gave us a glimpse of Uno Extensions in action during his UnoConf 2021 session. Listen as he walks you through creating a host and registering services to more complex extensions like using the navigation extensions to navigate between pages views and the application.

This session previews only a few of the available extensions but there are additional Uno extensions that we haven’t covered today, such as HTTP, Localization, Serialization, Environments and Configuration, all part of our App Templates. Missing as well is our Reactive (MVU-X) extension, a presentation pattern different from MVU and MVVM. We coined it MVU-X as it has some of the benefits of MVU while being XAML Databinding friendly.

The Uno Platform team is continuously working on adding and improving our Uno extensions to help offer you all the tools you need to get your app to production quicker. For more information on our Uno Extensions, visit our documentation page or to get started with Uno Extensions check out our GitHub repo.

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